If you believe that Russia tampered with voting machines in order to change votes to get President Trump elected… congratulations you are joining the ranks of 58% of Democrats that are stupid enough to believe this nonsense. Per a recent YouGov poll 58% of Democrats believe that Russians hacked voting machines despite there not being a shred of evidence. There is far more evidence that illegals voted in our election and Democrats regularly refute that claim, but believe this nonsense. I won’t go into the specifics about how incredibly difficult it would be to hack thousands of machines that are not connected to networks in a meaningful way that would affect an election, but this one is ridiculous. Of course, we now have proof that Democrats are getting dumber since I when I wrote about this back in December, “Economist/YouGov Poll Results: Too Many Stupid People” which showed that the only 52% of Democrats were gullible to believe this.

Since then many of these idiots have consumed a steady diet of anti-Trump propaganda from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post. I believe that their hatred and vitriol is making them dumber since they persist in wearing their tin foil hats. Listen up morons (Leftists)… Russia did not hack any voting machines… Despite a nine-month investigation you still have not uncovered a single piece of evidence proving your wild Russian collusion theories… If you idiots would read more than the headline and first paragraph of these news stories you would see that every single one essentially says the exact same thing buries in the sixth paragraph… No evidence of wrongdoing has been found. You can Maxine Waters can waste your time digging for evidence that does not exist, but if this survey is correct then President Trump will not be impeached and 52% find it likely he will be reelected.


Posted by redstateronin


  1. Jimmie Dudansky February 9, 2020 at 6:37 am

    We are screwed because eventually these goat flea’s will soon out number the sane in this country. And when they fuck up they’ll blame Trump and us deplorables. While Bill Clinton is fornicating with an 8yr old.



  2. While I agree with this article, it would, perhaps, have a bit more punch to it if it didn’t have at least an average four grammatical or spelling mistakes per paragraph. Even a cursory proofreading would reveal them.



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