When Celebrities Lie for Planned Parenthood a Baby Gets their Wings

It has been a couple of months since Hollywood elite have graced us with a virtue signaling montage video. You know the ones where they cut from one star to the next and are all dramatically reading from the same script like the oxygen deprived zombies. Apparently plotting the assassination of the President leaves plenty of time for Hollywood hypocrites to give us another one of these gems…

Hate Speech Is Not a Thing

You ever see irony in action? Irony in action is when the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights launches a hotline for people to snitch on “hate speech” on the exact same day that the US Supreme Court hands down a decision that says so called “hate speech” is protected by the first amendment. An excerpt on the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights declares, “In no uncertain terms, hate-motivated speech and actions have no place in Minneapolis nor will they be tolerated.  Activities such as these are against the law. No one is above the law.”

Words with Enemies – Leftist Edition

Words matter. The Left has declared war on what you think and even what you say and the words you choose to say. If you are able to define the lists of allowable words and even begin painting benign words and phrases as some sort of code for deep seated racism and sexism then you gain an advantage in any debate as your opponent first has to debunk these ridiculous and often spurious attacks before they can even begin the process of debating the core issue.

Democrats Looking for a Slumpbuster in Georgia Special Election

Back in April I wrote about how the Left was attacking this as a vulnerable seat in “Democrats Seek to Stack the Deck in Peach Tree State Special Election.” In that blog I had outlined how the Democrats had cherry picked a candidate that did not live in the district and donations and celebrities endorsements from outside the district had come pouring in to support Ossoff. Fast forward three months and the situation remains the same.

Republicans and Conservatives – Stop Acting Like SJWs

Yes it is disgusting. Yes it is despicable. Yes I could probably come up with another 40 adjectives that would describe what I personally think of Shakespeare in the Park’s ‘Julius Caesar’ and their latest version where they are depicting the assassination of Julius Caesar as red power tie wearing doppelganger of our President Donald Trump. While I think it is unbridled hateful dogwhistling from lunatic Leftists who still cannot believe that America rejected their world view; it is not illegal. While I may call what they are doing distasteful, disrespectful and without any artistic merit they are still within their legal right to perform the play. Let me repeat this again… while we may not like it… NOT ILLEGAL.

Democrats This One is On You

Instead the Media when they cannot paint it as violence somehow grown out of the political Right will simply black out the coverage and continue to beat their favorite dead Russian horse and Democratic lawmakers will pay some quick lip service when they are cornered by a diligent reporter, but immediately screech “Impeach Trump” and hold out their hands for donations.

Impeachment Beta Test Failure

Unless you are living under a rock that has not been WIFI enabled you are aware of Former Director James Comey testified before the Senate today. If you were paying attention to the Democrat’s line of questioning what you saw was them taking the issue of impeachment out for a test run to see if it was road ready or if they were still driving around in a lime green 1964 Gremlin.

It’s the End of the World as we Know it… and I Feel Fine

Many on the political Left have been calling this a lack of world leadership from the U.S. Just because you are standing in front of the group all moving in the same direction does not make you a leader. A leader is going to make the unpopular tough calls for the people he leads. This is exactly what the President did. He weighed the costs, trillions stripped from our economy and millions of jobs lost, versus the predicted benefit, the most optimistic projections call for a statistically insignificant decrease in projected temperature increases and made the choice that benefited American more in the long run.

Study Shows 58% of Democrats are Morons

If you believe that Russia tampered with voting machines in order to change votes to get President Trump elected… congratulations you are joining the ranks of 58% of Democrats that are stupid enough to believe this nonsense. Per a recent YouGov poll 58% of Democrats believe that Russians hacked voting machines despite there not being a shred of evidence. There is far more evidence that illegals voted in our election and Democrats regularly refute that claim, but believe this nonsense.

Dogwhistling in the Dark – Kathy Griffin the Leftist Hate Monger

Underneath all this nonsense and leftwing spin is running a genuine and deep seeded hatred for President Trump and any American that defied their worldview by voting for him. In the darkest parts of this hatred lie the constant Leftist dogwhistles feverishly hoping for the President’s death. While the Left has been blaming the Right for nonexistent violence they have created a world in which it is more acceptable to punch someone, hit them with a bike lock or make death threats against a President instead of engaging in a rational discussion.

Remember Our Fallen

Every year we set aside one day to remember those Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. As President Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is not free” and no one knows that more than the friends and family of our military that have so valiantly given their lives in service to our country. To those friends and family who have known this loss I give my sincere condolences and gratitude for their sacrifice and promise that I will do my utmost to ensure that the fires of liberty keep burning now that their watch has ended.

She’s Back – The Beast Will Ride Again for 2020

She is giving speeches and taking shots at the President and this is a clear indication that she is testing the waters to see if it is safe for her to return to politics. I am sure she believes that if she can put some time between her various scandals and 2020 she will have a shot at unseating President Trump. The problem is the American people are unlikely to forget.

Hey Leftists… Walls Work… That’s Why You Have Them

If the media was somewhat competent they would point out this hypocrisy at the time it was said and force them to answer why they are privileged enough to sleep peacefully behind a wall to keep themselves safe, but that luxury should not be extended to the citizens of America. Walls and barriers work… the proof… we have been using them for thousands of years to do exactly what they were designed to do which is to control access.

Time for a Sean Hannity Buycott

Leftist snot monsters in their endless campaign against free speech are at it again and it appears that their latest target is none other than Sean Hannity. Seeking to claim another conservative scalp for their trophy case in their “Hall of Fascist Victories” Leftist groups have begun targeting Sean Hannity’s advertisers in a bid to pressure them to pull their marketing dollars away from his shows in the hopes that Fox news will cancel his program. His crime… he is conservative and supportive of President Trump.

I Refuse to Accept The Left’s New Normal

Learn to deal with it. This is the lesson that the Left is trying to teach us on how to deal with violent extremists who enter a public place and blow themselves up and kill children. Just learn to deal with it, accept it and carry on like nothing happened because if you don’t the terrorist win. Don’t call on Muslims to disavow this horrible behavior… no just deal with it. Don’t do an in-depth review of vetting people entering your country… no just deal with it.

Greece Fire – Another European Union Bail Out

Make no mistake there is only one party responsible for Greece’s debt, which stands about 180% of annual total output, the people of Greece are responsible. The bulk of this debt was accumulated by allowing the government to grow unchecked and without cause.

American Leadership Back in Vogue

Great leaders have a presence. Every great boss or project manager that I have worked with has had something in the way that they carry themselves that spoke to not only their ability to lead, but their willingness to lead. The other commonality between all these great leaders that I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from was they had it from the start. I am not suggesting that they were born with some innate leadership gene, but I am saying that from the very first time that I met them they already had that presence and sense of self that they were ready to lead.

A Shift to War Footing – Time to Fight

Yesterday I blogged about rampant hypocrisy of the mainstream media which included a warning for DC Republicans. Today is a more important message… it is a warning for every patriotic American. We are at war. I have disputed several conspiracy theories on my blog, but the Deep State is real. Every day we have leak after leak and they only have one purpose… destroy the Trump presidency.

Mainstream Media – A Tale of Two Hypocrisies

Now this same Mainstream Media which gave nothing, but a free pass to the previous administration is engaged with Democrats in a campaign to smear the current administration and perform a coup against the American voters. What else do you call an ongoing effort from the Mainstream Media to report the news in such an obviously bias and dishonest fashion. The current administration has received record amounts of negative press despite economic indicators that the economy is poised to break 4% GDP growth for the first time in over a decade.

The IT Spending Black Hole of Government Waste

“During Bossert’s remarks, he set the very unnerving calculation that every federal government employee costs the US tax payer $40,000 per year in technology costs alone.” Everyone reading this should have done a legitimate double take as you read the 40K per year per employee number. Furthermore having worked in the IT industry for close to 20 years every person reading this should be horrified by the sheer amount of your taxpayer dollars that are being inefficiently spent by the government doing what every business in the US does every day for a fraction of that cost.

Director Comey Had to Go

I can’t make it any simpler than Director Comey had to fired. In fact I think this move was long overdue and should have been done either back during the Obama administration or soon after President Trump took office. For too long Director Comey has allowed the FBI to be politicized. We have selective leaks of information being used to partisan political attacks, we have seen potential conflicts of interest run rampant throughout the organization, we have incompetence and each of these has served to erode public trust in our nation’s most prestigious law enforcement agency.

The Feminist Narrative – Toxic to Masculinity

While I have no doubt that this argument began as a way to temper the baser instincts of us Y chromosome carriers, the hyperbolic nature of the feminist rhetoric has fanned the flames of this debate into a raging war against masculinity and ensures that anyplace where the concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ is taken seriously is simply an environment that is toxic to masculinity.

All Climate Deniers Should Burn at the Stake

Denier is a word that is better suited for the Spanish Inquisition rather than a modern science debate. Yes the issue of climate change should still be very much up for debate, despite the calls from the Left that it is settled science and we should all just fall in line like good little sheep. I do not deny that climate change is real. It has been happening since the beginning of time with our earth going through five different ice ages. I will even concede that a portion of it might even be manmade, but…

Week in Review: Leftist Insanity Just Never Ends

Republicans managed to get their version of healthcare reform through the house and the collective Left has lost their sh$t. I would say I am surprised, but it seems the Democratic insanity and hyperbolic characterizations of those with a Conservative bent just never ends. Being a liberal nowadays is simply to exhausting to even contemplate.

High Times – LA City Council Votes to Impeach Trump

Just reading the headline “Impeach Trump! LA City Council Demands ‘high crimes’ probe that could end presidency” from My News LA I am led to wonder if this is a product of the newly removed laws on marijuana or if the entirety of the LA City Council has gone stupid with Trump Derangement Syndrome. As noted in the article “The resolution calls for the city’s 2017-18 federal legislative program to include support for any legislative action to investigate whether Trump has violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution or committed any other high crime or misdemeanor.”

The Rise of Tranny Tyranny at UC Berkeley

Did the title of my article offend you? If it did tough crap because I have first speech protections that allow me to freely use the word tyranny without fear of prosecution. Tyranny is alive and well on our streets, but unlike the media narrative being pushed by left leaning media outlets the purveyors of control are not President Trump and Republicans, but the regressive Left and their cadre of SJWs play acting as black masked thugs. I have heard some ridiculous things this past year, but reading the Op-Ed penned by Berkeley student senator Juniperangelica Xiomara Cordova-Goff “Campus must prioritize safety of marginalized over free speech”…

The Liberal Human Centipede Strikes Again

I can’t believe I am about to say this… but I have to admit I sort of agree with Rosie O’Donnell, Paton Oswald and George Takei in defending that Colbert’s constitutional right to say that Trump was only “good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.” I don’t agree with his statement, I don’t find it remotely funny, but I will die to allow him to continue to spew his irrational hatred on a nightly basis. This is the same right that should be extended to everyone even those whose speech I vehemently disagree with like Richard Spencer or Stephen Colbert.

VOX Watches “The Interview” Declares North Korean Economy Now Hunky-Dory

No Vox did not actually watch “The Interview” to get their facts, but it was almost as bad as they were citing a New York Times article. In the NYT article they seem paint a much rosier picture of the economy of North Korea than what know to be the established facts about that economy. In essence their argument for putting this bright shiny spin on the North Korean economic outlook… the economy used to really really suck, but now it sucks slightly less.

Tax and Spend Surrender Monkeys: The New DC Republican

I only can think of one word to describe Republicans in Washington… Feckless. The proposed budget that is coming down the pike only proves that the majority of current DC Republicans are nothing more than tax and spend surrender monkeys. So just so we are all on the same page… Republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House and the budget is being whole heartedly praised by Senator Schumer.

Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia: Seriously Going Down the Drain

You hear that giant sucking sound? The one that sounds like the world’s largest toilet is being flushed… Well that would be the Democrats who hold a super majority in the California state legislative branches taking the first step down the road towards single payer healthcare for the state and the financial ruin of socialism. It seems I cannot go much more than a week without the DPRK giving me a healthy dose of be glad you got out when you did news.

Debunking Stupid Tweets on the Trump Tax Cuts

It seems that the Left is jumping into crazy with both feet now the Trump tax cuts have been announced. The plan is still being tweaked so details are a bit scant still, but of course that did not stop the Left from turning up the outrage to eleven. There have been several tweets that are pretty mind numbingly stupid so far so I decided I would look at some of the dumber ones that were included in an article written by The Daily Caller and bring some sanity back to the world.

Republicans: Time to Put Up or Shut Up

Walls work… Just ask Matt Damon or any Hollywood elite who use them to protect their homes. Hell ask Obama who after purchasing his DC home… first thing put up a wall. Now I am not talking about a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, but a wall where it makes sense and technology and increased border patrol presence where building a wall is impractical. In essence the American people are asking that we curb the tide of illegal immigration that run unchecked during the Obama years, make it more difficult for drug and human smugglers to make a living and simply enforce the laws.

Go Left Young Man – Democrats Out of Touch with Average Americans

What do you do as the Democratic Party when an ABC News / Washington Post poll finds that 67% of Americans believe you are out of touch with the people’s concerns? Why you go further to the left in your rhetoric and policies. It seems that everyone in charge of the Democratic Party believes that the way to win back the center of the American voter is to double down on the same leftist mentality that led Democrats to losing hundreds of seats across local, state and federal offices and the White House as well.

Week In Review: It Was A Rough Week for the Truth

Alternative facts, fake news, really fake news and CNN. It seems that there has been an all-out assault on the truth for the last nine years. The difference now is that it seems that there are plenty of media outlets and individuals that don’t seem to care anymore if they are caught mishandling the truth and we now live in an age where narrative is far more important than truth.

Congressman Ted Lieu Attempts to Troll President Trump: Fails Miserably

Congressman Ted Lieu fired off the following tweet to the President, “Dear @realDonaldTrump: This was the bigly crowd at my Town Hall tonight. They don’t like you. #ImWithTed” and then added a picture of the event. Of course since good old Ted is a Democrat and it is an event where they are not breaking anything, ‘bigly’ means less than 300 people with 6 empty seats.

HuffPo Declares Trickle-Down is Back! Let It Rain… Let It Rain

There can be no mistake that the Democrats will continue to disparage “trickle-down” policies, but they always have a hard time disputing the numbers. Individual outcomes will never be equal and no amount of government intervention will change this fact regardless of political system. Instead our focus should be on the equality of opportunities. While I do not think Trump is Reagan I will gladly live through the “horrors” of trickle-down again because while HuffPo and their readers may lament the fact… I say let it rain baby… let it rain.

To the Moon Acosta – The Honeymoon President Trump Never Got

A recent study by the Media Research Center found that from inauguration to April 9th the coverage on the Trump administration was 89% negative. This is quite a swing from the previous “scandal free” administration which was actually full of scandals, but the mainstream media was complicit in their lack of coverage. No the case for Liberal media bias is so convincing that even long term Democrats are beginning to notice, but at almost 90% negative coverage it would be hard to miss it.

Democrats Seek to Stack the Deck in Peach Tree State Special Election

Win, lose or draw the Left is so desperate for a victory at this point that whatever the outcome of this race they will try to paint this as a major victory and an indictment of President Trump… not so fast leftists I think you are leaving a few parts out of that narrative.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses Their Freedoms

You may have had some early success in shutting down conservative speakers at your college campus, but the tide has turned. People frankly cannot stand your smug attitudes and entitled behavior. While you may be impressing your virtue signaling Facebook friends with your mock heroics, (You know pepper spraying women giving interviews and dragging single people into your crowds where a group of you courageously stomp on them in 8 to 1 ratios.) the rest of us are getting tired of your victim status whining and all the bullshit you spout that you just learned from your left leaning professors.

The Week In Review: 7 Ways Being a Leftist Is Exhausting

It must be utterly exhausting to be a Liberal. I mean every day for the last nine months has been the majority of the Left waking up each and every day with the outrage dial cranked all the way to eleven. It would be fine except they are running out of things to be legitimately outraged about now and they are beginning to propose ways of redressing their grievances which only other insane people would find to be a suitable solution. Honestly Leftists, take a few days off from all the outrage it would do you and the world a whole lot of good because keeping up the anger cannot be good for you.

America First Does Not Mean America Only

I believe that when they hear the President say “America First” they imagined that it meant an isolationist version of America only. They point to the President’s own previous condemnation of Obama’s intervention across the global to push the story that they were sold a bill of goods that are not behaving as advertised. I disagree because America first does not necessary mean American only.

Leftist Logic – Fight Perceived Injustice with Real Injustice

One of the reasons I am an avid reader of The Huffington Post is that I get to learn great things like all the world’s problems can be solved with more progressivism… well and disenfranchising white males for a period of 20 – 30 years and taking our wealth to be redistributed. Shelley Garland in her blog titled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” essentially postulates in her opinion that everything bad that has occurred over the last year can be laid squarely at the feet of the white male.

Notre Dame Student Protest VP Pence: An Avalanche of Stupidity

Many of the students are saying that the schools choice for commencement speaker is making them feel “unsafe.” Who is this monster of the “Alt-Right” that has these precious little snowflakes howling in terror? Genghis Khan? Charles Manson? Josephs Stalin? Adolph Hitler? No it is not any of these mass murdering sociopaths… it is Vice President Michael Pence. Wait what? Seriously?

Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia Proposes Legalized Discrimination

“State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, said the amended Senate Bill 30 will prohibit the state from contracting with any person or organization that provides any goods or services for the wall.” Of course we are used to seeing virtue signaling bills being passed by all branches of California government where they threaten to not do business with states or companies within those states when those states pass legislation with which they disagree, but I think this might be the first time in which they are threatening actions against individuals.

Wag the Stupid – No Way Back for Lawrence O’Donnell

You ever watch a video online and have to double check that it is not fake. I was watching video from MSNBC’s “The Last Word” with anchor Lawrence O’Donnell and I began to wonder if maybe the first successful brain transplant had been performed between O’Donnell and Alex Jones. If you have read my blog for any length of time then you know I have issues when mundane events are explained with overly complex and dramatic conspiracy theories because while they can be entertaining they are just lazy thinking in the way that they hammer square facts into round story holes.

Week In Review: 7 Ways We Are Back to the Basics of Winning

President Trump promised on the campaign trail that we would get sick of winning. Well I certainly have not bagged my limit yet and every little win is especially sweet as I watch the Left either ignore it completely and not report it in mainstream media or utterly meltdown. Either way the truth will ultimately get out because even the media cannot hide everyone’s 401K and pay raises from them. The job growth numbers were pretty weak, but it looks as if this was impacted more by weather and one month does not make a trend. President Trump will get a lot of leeway for his reelection if the economic numbers keep climbing and because liberal tears are sweet like wine.

Sometimes You Need a Hammer in Syria

First let me start by saying that I am of two minds on the Syrian strike. I have been watching the debate rage back and forth all day across every social media platform. If the decision is clear cut for you on what the appropriate action should have been congratulations. For me situations like this are always difficult because they are not black and white. On one hand you have serious atrocities being committed against women and children and on the other you have a quagmire in which America has been seemingly stuck for the last 20 years.

Senator Roy Blunt Affirms Commitment to Border Security

Since February I have seen several articles where it appeared that many Senators seemed on the fence for supporting border security and may be ready to use it as a bargaining chip to gain concessions from Democrats. Republicans this would be a mistake as this is one of three items that if you clearly stand against it, the people will not show up to support you in the future. The voters sent you to Washington to fight for the values we hold dear not to compromise on the safety and sovereignty of America.

It’s the Economy Stupid: The Numbers Don’t Lie, Obama Was the Worst

Americans are many things, but ultimately we are pragmatists. When we step into a voting booth many times our decisions are driven by what is best for our 401K, college savings accounts and our wallets. In this sense Obama was a horrible president. The numbers are in and despite have carte blanch on zero percent interest rates, 9 trillion in added debt and a compliant media that thought he walked on water Obama failed to reach a mark that every president prior to him had achieve for at least one quarter during their presidency… 3% economic growth.

What’s Eating Don Lemon?

On the day that several news sources all confirmed that Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice was the person responsible for the unmasking of American citizens in intelligence reports, one has to wonder why so many of the left leaning media outlets refused to run the story or worse set out to report the story in a manner to downplay its significance. Many “so called journalist” like our buddy Don Lemon even went as far to lecture their viewers on why this was a non-story and immediately went right back to the Trump – Russia well.