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Grab a Tiger by the Tail

In November of last year Kelloggs made the controversial decision to pull their advertising from Breitbart.com citing that the site’s readers were not “…aligned with our values as a company.” Swiftly striking back Breitbart leadership launched the Kelloggs boycott encouraging all 45 million monthly visitors to boycott the company, use the hashtag #dumpkelloggs to show their displeasure and sign a petition.

If it Looks Like a Fascist and Quacks Like a Fascist, Then it is Probably a Fascist

Stretching the limits of credibility The Daily California turned over their opinion section to those that wanted to justify violating people’s constitutional rights to free speech by condoning the “Violence as self-defense” argument. This of course makes the erroneous assumption that the act of free speech in of itself can be violent. Words are not violent. Words only have the power that we allow them…

Is This What You Want Community To Look Like?

No community is not faces hidden by dollar store bandannas. It is not burning private property, it is not destroying storefronts, it is not pepper spraying women or running down those peacefully attempting to engage in free speech and hitting them with sticks. Community should not look like the Roman mob of yore unleashed.

Is America Worth the Wait?

For the 7 billionth time it is not a BAN. It is a temporary pause on immigration from 7 specific countries. Why these countries because there are issues with the underlying systems and infrastructure that allow the US to adequately identify and vet the people who are coming from these regions.

Week In Review – The Left Literally In Tears

Just two weeks into President Trump’s administration has left the Democrats literally in tears. We have had riots for free speech. (Not to gain free speech mind you, but riots to actually suppress people rights to speak freely.) Various meltdowns and insanity from the Democrats who seems continuously triggered by President Trump doing exactly what he said he would.

Can I Now Punch the Butcher Because They are Out of Bacon?

Speech is only free on the college campus as long as it fits within the dogma of the progressive left. If you disagree with the tolerant then they will used flag poles, mace, fires and anarchy to silence you. It should be readily apparent that a generation of youth has not been equipped to deal with the realities of life.

New Wave Fascism: 14 Characteristics of the Rising Democratic Fascist

Violently opposing those who are peacefully disagreeing with you is one of the hallmarks of Fascism and it appears that some Leftist have gone so far to the Left that they have spun the needle and ended up a position that have been historically classified on the extreme right, fascism.

Crypt Keeper Pelosi – The Old and Cadaverous

The Democrats use rhetoric filled with hyperbole to demonize their opposition and Nancy Pelosi was at the helm of the ship when it ran aground during the Presidential election. Did she immediately order that the water be bailed out to save the ship? No she instead continues to kick holes in the hull by doubling down on the same style of politics that help divide Democrats from moderate voters.

You Don’t Bring Unconditional Love to a Gun Fight

This weekend thousands turned out to protest in airports against President Trump’s executive order pausing immigration and refugees from seven Muslim countries. (Not a BAN, a pause.) They stood up in the name of tolerance for people coming from countries that have proven to be among the most intolerant currently in the world.

Crocodile Tears of a Clown

President Trump said all throughout his campaign that he was going to slow immigration until they had a process in place, said it again while he was President Elect and reaffirmed this in his inauguration. Now enter the pearl clutching SJWs and their situational mock outage because President Trump did exactly what he promised he would do.