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Resist Michael Moore’s Resistance – My 10 Point Plan to Counter His Divisiveness

The reality is America is still a pretty centrist nation and he and his legion of internet trolls that push for the far left polices are out of touch with the majority of the country. Using his plan as a template this is how you can counter their plan to ensure his resistance gets shut down even before it begins.

Socialism: It’s Not What’s for Dinner

Here is the truth kiddos… Socialism will always end up failing because government only excels in one enterprise, making war. In every other endeavor they are mediocre at best. While this is only my opinion, I believe that this duality where governments are great at war, but generally suck at everything else is due to an issue of motivation. See in War the individual troops on the ground and the country as a whole is generally very motivated. Being shot and having your way of life stripped from you tends to be a very good motivator.

Week in Review – 8 Times the Left Got Trolled

Precious snowflakes had a hard time this week. President Trump hasn’t been impeached, there was nothing really to protest so they couldn’t break anything and every time they turned around they just seemed to get Trolled. They did not have to cross a bridges because it seemed as if it was everywhere this week. It is almost as if the rest of America has finally had its fill of the sanctimonious leftist killjoys and decided that it was time to have some fun at their expense.

Trump to Christie, “Steak is for Winners!”

At least they stopped short of describing it as a situation in which President Trump pinned Governor Christie to the floor of the oval office while he tried to shove handfuls of meatloaf into his mouth as he screamed, “No Chris you get the meatloaf because steak is for winners!!”

Psst!!! Radical Left Your Hypocrisy is Showing…

Democrats lean in close because I want to tell you a secret. You have been right all along, there was interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. At last you are vindicated… wait you do understand that I am not talking about the Russians hacking the DNC and Podesta emails and revealing the truth to Americans right?

Every Fairy Tale Must Have a Villain and the Mainstream Media has Cast Trump

How can we be making these levels of acquisitions when the story that started this firestorm freely admits that there is no evidence, nothing has been corroborated, there may be very plausible reasons for why they were talking to Russian citizens and the entire thing is based upon anonymous sources? These outlets are not only acting hysterical, they are manufacturing it, packaging it up and giving it away for free.

Old Soldiers Never Die, but Sometimes They Screw Up and Get Cast Out

Your job is to give a complete and unvarnished accounting of the facts without bias, favor or prejudice. Those that you advise are counting on the data and advice you provide to make decisions and when you fail to deliver those decisions based on your information are at risk. You cannot lie by a hair or by omission and the second you lose one iota of credibility you lose the trust. Not being trusted is the death of the advisor.

Leftists Are Right – 1984 is Coming!

If the radical behavior of the Left continues they will be right about one thing, 1984 is coming. However, it will not be the stark dystopian future of social repression that they claim to dread, but it will be a Reagan-like landslide of a Presidential Election that will occur.

Week in Review – 5 Unexpected Things the Left Did this Week and 1 Thing I Simply Do Not Get

Week three of the Trump presidency draws to a close and here are five things that came from the left that I did not expect and one thing with a gorilla that is just leaving me scratching my head.

Must Watch Dunham and Behar Team Up to Say FU White Women

In a team up of hellish proportions, Lena Dunham joined the rest of the cackling hens of the view along with their token beta-male sidekick Bob Saget to wax poetic on why White Women betrayed women across the planet and did not cast their vote solely on the basis that one candidate had a vagina and the other did not.