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Farkas Gave Two Interviews – In One of Them She is Lying

Evelyn Farkas a former Obama administration Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense gave a March 2nd interview to Morning Joe’s Mika Brezezinski. The topic of their discussion surrounded The New York Times article which described the Obama Administration’s mad scramble to uncover and disseminate information that they felt would be damaging to the incoming administration in the waning days of their time in office.

Hannity to Koppel: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

And here you have it. In Koppel’s world view most Americans are unable to tell the difference between opinion journalism and what he considers fact based journalism. The problem is many of the mainstream media organizations have been agenda driven for many years. I can watch Sean Hannity and I know exactly what I am going to get out of his show because he is upfront and unabashed about his conservative viewpoint. He never calls himself a journalist.

DPRK – Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia

So let me see if I have this correct. Liberal Logic is that putting someone on a list for enhanced monitoring is bad if it is a refugee coming to this country from an area where there is a degree of risk that a terrorist would infiltrate their ranks and good when it is a U.S. Citizen exercising their second amendment rights.