Let me be as clear as I can possibly be… what happened yesterday was a terrorist attack. White supremacists are scumbags. So are black supremacists, brown supremacists and Asian supremacists. Any person that traffics in ideas that believes that their race is superior to others or calls for the annihilation of another person’s group based solely on race is a scumbag. Using political violence to intimidate and silence the opposition is disgusting and un-American. Yesterday and today I have seen outrage. Unfortunately, the target of that outrage has been completely one-sided.

Don’t not take this to mean that I am defending racist scumbags, but I do want you to watch carefully the videos of the riots from Charlottseville. Both sides came prepared to do violence. I am not saying that those inbred racist scumbags are not to blame, but those elements from ANTIFA and BLM that showed up wearing helmets, carrying sticks, projectiles and pepper spray to “Bash the Fash” and “get some Nazi scalps” are also responsible for the mayhem that erupted as well. Imagine had no counter protestors shown up. What would have happened, there would have been 500 – 1,000 backwoods racist morons marching around a statue and waving flags and no one would have noticed or cared. After which they would have gone home. Instead, activist groups bussed in people from New York and Washington who were willing to do violence to a group that was prepared to do violence back and turned it into a national story.

What is getting lost in this national story is this political violence has been going on for months. Groups like ANTIFA, BAMN and some elements within BLM have been using violence to attempt to silence any political opposition. The difference is much like what occurred in Charlottseville no one is calling out the violence that is coming from the Left as well. If you are one of those people that did some serious Twitter virtue signaling yesterday about your outage; then I ask where was your outrage when this occur:

or this…

or this…

or this…

or this…

or this…

or this…

or this…

I can virtually do this all night, but even the events I show above do not excuse what happened yesterday. This is what true Conservatives have been dealing with for months. Those racist idiots who showed up Charlottseville do not represent 99.9% of Americans who voted for Trump. The Americans who could care less about your skin color and are only focused on working hard, getting ahead and taking care of their families do not align themselves with that trash. We denounce our garbage all the time, but if the Left truly cares about unity and making forward progress in America, then it is time that they do the same. The identity politics needs to stop on both sides of the political spectrum. It does not matter if you are white, black or brown, but if you think blaming another race for your troubles you are part of this problem.


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