There is a disturbing trend among big city mayors across the US. No, it is not that they tend to be predominately Democrat, but they seem to continuously be shirking their duties to climb the next rung of the political ladder. Whether it is because their names are being floated for a potential Presidential run or they are consolidating power and money to cling to their jobs; the citizens of these cities deserve better than to have someone who may be physically there, but are mentally absent because they are focused on their political ambitions instead of the needs of the people. Far too often mayors will make politically expedient decisions through the lenses of how it is going to appear when they next run for office instead of making those tough decisions that might cost them advancement, but would benefit the populace that they were elected to serve.  A true leader puts the needs of their citizens first and leaves the empty virtue signaling to activists and community organizers. Here are four mayors that represent the worse in self-aggrandizement and seem hell bent on escaping up the next rung of the political ladder before the cities that they manage crumble into ruin.

Mayor Bill De Blasio – New York – One of the largest parts of promoting a high quality of life in any big city is maintaining order and protecting the citizens. When the Mayor of your city decides that jetting off to Germany to join ANTIFA protesters in their hysterical riots against capitalism is more important than supporting the police during a time of tragedy then you know the mayor is a real scumbag. While missing the swearing in of over 500 new officers would have been bad enough, De Blasio’s decision to move forward with his trip Germany right after the murder of Officer Miosotis Familia show a lack of self-awareness of epic proportions.

Rahm Emanuel – Chicago – The entire state is staring over the fiscal cliff and about to enter junk bond status, over 100 people shot over the 4th of July weekend and Emanuel wants to make sure he stuffs 30 million dollars into his war chest for reelection. At least he has his priorities right… not.

Mitch Landrieu – New Orleans – Another city that is erupting into violence and chaos and poised to surpass Saint Louis and Baltimore for most violent city in America. You would think that this crime and violence would have been a large topic during his state of the city address… but you would be wrong. Instead of making the streets safe for citizens and tourists alike he is instead going to focus on fighting global climate change.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Forget about its poverty or exploding crime rate… the mayor of New Orleans is making climate change a top priority. <a href=”″></a></p>&mdash; Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) <a href=”″>July 8, 2017</a></blockquote>

Eric Garcetti – Los Angeles – You would expect that a looming $224 million budget deficit and apparently, a city packed with people that are ready to riot at the first sign of any enforcement of federal immigration law that the mayor would want to stay close to home and work… once again you would be wrong. No for Garcetti headed out of state for speaking engagements is far more important than doing the job for which he was elected.

Time and time again we have mayors who will gleefully sacrifice their citizens in the pursuit of political ambition. Whether it is meaningless virtue signally or simply absent when they should be working, these mayors will stop at nothing to move upward to the next political office. Your cities are no more than stepping stones to bigger and better things. You as citizens are only votes and dollars and matter less than getting trending tweets showing them on the world stage. Their primary concern is not truly helping their citizens, but avoiding screwing up badly enough that it does not cost them their next political appointment. These are milquetoast men who will sell out the citizens who elected them if it meant moving ahead. When they are gone there is always another ready to take his place unless you the voter say enough is enough.

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