First let me say that I am not a fan of the President recent tweets about the hosts of Morning Joe… In case you missed them although I do not know how you could have since it was all the mainstream media would discuss last week despite huge legislative wins for the President with the passage of Kate’s Law and Sanctuary City reforms. No, the bias left leaning media spent about 1000% more time discussing the below two tweets.


While I disagree with the tweets I can completely see why he did it. We have all known that the President is a counter puncher and the hosts from Morning Joe have been attacking him viciously for months on end. Personally, I believe it was designed to provoke this sort of a response, but let’s do a quick recap.

Morning Joe calls the President a schmuck. Total out pouring of establishment Republicans to help defend the President… zero.


We have watched this play out time and time again and the results are the same each and every time. Morning Joe calls the President a thug… zero establishment Republican defense. Morning Joe calls the President a bully… zero establishment Republican defense. Morning Joe calls the President a liar… zero establishment Republican defense. Morning Joe questions his mental health… zero establishment Republican defense. Morning Joe makes daily personal attacks against the President… and establishment Republicans are nowhere to be found, but when the President makes a mistake they are chasing down a camera crews like a fat kids running for the ice cream trucks. No, it seems you only find these establishment Republicans when they are the big fat Rinos in the dogpile on top the President.

Yeah I don’t think these tweets were his finest hour, but I can’t help understanding why he did it. We have a feckless Republican establishment that seems more interested in being liked and holding onto their power than fighting for their voters. They are all fire and brimstone while campaigning and turn into church mice as soon as they set foot in Washington. Hell, at this point I am willing to forgive a few errant tweets that may not be Presidential because I know at least he is fighting for my concerns and hasn’t surrendered the way many establishment Republicans have before the first shots are even fired. What I am not going to do is concern myself with the hurt feelings of a talk show host who apparently can dish it out, but cannot take it in return. The establishment media has allowed the most vicious attacks to go out over their broadcasts (sometimes it is the reporters themselves) and never bother to challenge these guests and their claims and then have the gall to act surprised when the President responds in kind and serves up a nice warm glass of STFU.

This last part is for you “low energy” Jeb. Your family should know most of all what it is like to stand alone against the mainstream media. Your brother was excoriated by the press on an unprecedented level and the establishment Republicans abandoned him. The press painted him as a lying war criminal and Rinos stood by and let it happen unchallenged. The only difference between then and now is President W wasn’t willing to hit back and President Trump does.

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