There is nothing better than to have the smug “writers” at HuffPo arrogantly lecture us common folk on the virtues of compassion. Of course, the HuffPo definition of compassion means that either you completely agree with their designated big government solution to solving any societal ill or you are just a greedy soul sucking Conservative that likes to fashion cereal bowls out of the skulls of children and the elderly. In a strawman attack piece this week by Kayla Chadwick entitled, “I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People”, HuffPo carries the virtue signaling torch on the next leg of disillusionment as they continue to paint Conservatives and Republicans as heartless beings all because they have the audacity to disagree with the way that one might go about solving a problem. The entire premise of the piece is if you do not believe in allowing more government control of the labor market, education and healthcare then you nothing more than a cartoonish buffoon caricature Scrooge McDuck and she is no longer obligated to engage us in debate.

This is the logic of the modern Left. They no longer have the policy chops to debate the merits of their solutions so they predictably run immediately to the character assassination attack in any debate to hide the fact that their policies have been tried throughout all human history and have universally failed. (I am looking at you Venezuela.) Anyone who honestly believes that Conservatives don’t care about starving babies or sick elderly is nothing short of functionally retarded. Furthermore, the Left hyperbolically publicities these strawman attacks into fever pitch to purposefully obscure the fact that the only real “Fundamental Divide” between the Left and the Right is the method in which the same goal could potentially be achieved. It has become a daily barrage of “thousands will die”, “you want to steal books from children” and “it’s an extinction level event”. The Left continues to waive their “The End is Nigh” placard at every opportunity and expect that no one is going to notice that the world has kept on spinning despite their predictions of calamity.

HuffPo let me set the record straight on behalf of Conservatives. No Conservatives don’t hate children, the elderly or the poor. Conservatives would love nothing more than to see every American citizen have access to the finest healthcare system in the world for a fair and sustainable cost. Conservatives believe in American exceptionalism and know that the path to support this lies in quality education. Conservatives believe in creating opportunities within the labor market that allows every American to work hard and climb the ladder to success. These are many of the same values that the Left espouses every single day and our disagreement is on the best way to unlock them for all Americans and if you are unable to understand this then it only shows your ignorance.

Minimum Wage Premise

Personally, I’m happy to pay an extra 4.3 percent for my fast food burger if it means the person making it for me can afford to feed their own family. If you aren’t willing to fork over an extra 17 cents for a Big Mac, you’re a fundamentally different person than I am.

You say that paying .17 cents more for a big mac makes you compassionate, I argue that it makes you ignorant of basic math and economics. While you’re busy virtue signaling your way into SJW heaven .17 cents at a time, small business owners will be the ones that must figure out how to make your forced compassion program work. See in the real world where the rest of us live we understand that when you raise the minimum wage that many small businesses like locally owned McDonalds must pay, you are not just impacting the cost of their labor; you are impacting their costs across the board and everything that they must pay for to successfully operate their business goes up as well. Everything that a small business relies on from their suppliers from hamburger patties, straws, cleaning supplies, electricity, gas, water, trash removal to landscaping all now costs the small business owner more because those very same suppliers have just been compelled by the federal/state/local government to pay a labor rate that has been artificially mandated by the government.

The truth about your compassion that you will never face is while a minimum wage hike will temporarily lift their prospects the economic system will adjust and 6 to 24 months later when costs of all goods and services have been realigned to the new wage reality those very same people for which we upended the economy will be in the very same or worse shape than before the hike and all we have done is ensured that everyone is a little poorer. The cost of your compassion is small businesses which are not agile enough to adjust or operate on very sensitive price/cost models shut down and those jobs are lost. The cost of your compassion is larger chains which have a financial responsibility to their shareholders to keep their organizations profitable decide to move forward with automation sooner than planned and those jobs are lost. The cost of your compassion is employers having to raise their prices on goods and services and the disabled and elderly who are on fixed incomes losing access to goods and services that they used to enjoy. The cost of your compassion is employers who were struggling to pay their employees before the wage hike having to lay off employees and cut hours to stay in business.

Now of course what the HuffPo writer is not going to tell you that if you read the original source of where she obtained the holier than though 4% number what it actually says is that “In order to compensate for higher wages, prices would have to increase between 4% and 25% and/or product size would have to be scaled back between 12% and 70%.” So the 4% number is the absolute low number and she never mentions that people will end up receiving less value (read product) for more money. Additionally, this completely ignores some of the latest research coming out of Seattle where they are finding that the minimum wage hikes are not only increase unemployment, but those that managed to hold on to their jobs have seen their take home wages decrease by 125 a month. How is stripping 1,500 a year from working families considered compassionate?

Education Premise

I’m perfectly content to pay taxes that go toward public schools, even though I’m childless and intend to stay that way, because all children deserve a quality, free education. If this seems unfair or unreasonable to you, we are never going to see eye to eye.

If you had been paying attention to the Conservative argument surrounding education then you would know that our position is not to simply strip money from the educational system. No, the Conservative position is that nowhere in the Constitution is the Federal government empowered to take control of the education of children and we believe that control over education should be returned to the state level where parents have more say in the standards and types of education that their children receive. The Department of Education is a bloated bureaucracy that was founded in 1979 under Jimmy Carter. (You may remember him as he is considered one of the worst presidents ever.) Why we continue to cling to this monstrosity even though we have several million Americans who grew up and were educated prior to its creation is beyond me. It is a failed experiment that continues to cost taxpayers millions of dollars without any determinable value unless you consider common core and no child left behind the hallmarks of success. (In which case you were probably educated recently.)

No compassion to me is allowing parents the choice on where to send their child to school instead of condemning them based on their zip code to a failed school run by the government. Compassion to me is embracing technology and innovation to unlock the educational experience instead of embracing tired methods preferred by the Teacher Unions because it guarantees the continued flow of money into their coffers. Compassion to me is Magnet, Private and Religious schools competing for the pool of available students and forcing public schools to adapt or wither on the vine and die. Compassion for me is money returned to the local communities to pay for vocational, arts and music education instead of government bureaucrats in Washington DC cubicles deciding how our children are educated. Most Conservatives do not have any issues with their tax dollars going to fund education for our children. Our issue lies with the blind insistence that the only solution available is to continue flushing more money down the drain on a system that clearly is no longer working.

Health Care Premise

If I have to pay a little more with each paycheck to ensure my fellow Americans can access health care? SIGN ME UP. Poverty should not be a death sentence in the richest country in the world. If you’re okay with thousands of people dying of treatable diseases just so the wealthiest among us can hoard still more wealth, there is a divide between our worldviews that can never be bridged.

Ahh to be so naïve… The government is not going to stop pushing this narrative until we destroy the finest healthcare system in the world with single payer healthcare. (Read government run healthcare.) If you think that somehow this or a continued path down Obamacare is only going to cost you a little more in your paycheck then you must be living in a medical marijuana state. California recently began their push to provide government run healthcare for their citizens and the price tag comes in at just over 400 Billion dollars. Now considering that California is only 12% of the US population we could extrapolate that the price tag for government run healthcare for the entirety of the US would be someone where in the neighborhood of 3.3 trillion dollars a year. The government collects somewhere around 4 trillion a year in taxes which would mean that even using the low number estimate from California your taxes would effectively need to double. Last I checked… that was much higher than “a little more” so you can feel good. Our country is already 20 trillion in debt and continuing to borrow more only puts future generations in a worse position. While you may feel good about mandating that everyone have health insurance, how do you think those future generations are going to feel when they are the ones stuck with the bill for your virtue signaling.

The Conservative strategy would to be get the government out of the way and allow the free market to do what it does best; create competition, drive down prices and deliver great values. Once the free market is in full swing we can discuss options on how to best accommodate those that have found themselves in dire situation where they may require short or long term assistance. How is it compassionate to create a healthcare system that many cannot use because deductibles are too high? How is it compassionate to create a system where people die on waiting lists before receiving treatment? The VA is the epidemy of what you get when you allow government control of healthcare. If I don’t trust the government to reliably move a letter from one side of the country to another, how can I possible trust them to effectively run healthcare. No Conservatives are compassionate; we are just not stupid enough to believe that the government is proficient in any other endeavor other than the waging of war.

The Conservative argument is not based upon greed as you imply, it is about balancing the need for compassion against liberty of the induvial. Where you believe that it is the government’s job to lift people out of poverty, Conservatives know this does not work long term and we should instead focus on equipping everyone with the tools to lift themselves out. Where you believe the pursuit of equality of outcomes is the ultimate goal, Conservatives know this to be a pipe dream and want to create equality of opportunity. Where you see big government Band-Aids, Conservatives look to promote the values of self-reliance, personal responsibility and community charity as ways to solve real problems over the long term.

Your willingness to demonize Conservatives and characterization of our solutions as greedy without understanding our position only shows your ignorance. This is why the Left has continued to lose seats across all levels of government year after year… turns out people don’t like smug know-it-alls. Conservatives have viable options for handling the issues that you “say” you care about. You would know this if you actually bothered to speak to Conservatives instead of dismissing them out of hand.

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