It has been a couple of months since Hollywood elite have graced us with a virtue signaling montage video. You know the ones where they cut from one star to the next and are all dramatically reading from the same script like the oxygen deprived zombies. Apparently plotting the assassination of the President leaves plenty of time for Hollywood hypocrites to give us another one of these gems… this time in defense of Planned Parenthood. Of course, when you believe that ripping a living human being out of a womb in the keystone right that defines womanhood why should we be surprised when Hollywood elites will misrepresent facts or even lie to keep their sacred abortion factories flush with government funding. While I disagree with this at anytime on demand attitude, the federal government says it is your right, just do not expect to hold our your hand and have it filled with money from my wallet to pay for it because you cannot figure out to get on birth control before you create a life that you will find inconvenient.

There are lots of lies that the Left loves to tell on behalf of Planned Parenthood.

Poor people will have no place to go if Planned Parenthoods are shut down – This one is blatantly false. In addition to the thousands of doctors that work in urgent cares, family practices and small clinics across the nation there are according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute there are 13,540 Community Health Clinics versus 665 Planned Parenthood locations. In most of those clinics they provide more services… well except when it comes to Abortion where Planned Parenthood shines.


Well Planned Parenthood Offers Prenatal Care for Poor Expectant Mothers – Well if you think that 5 out of 97 facilities offering prenatal care is serving the needs of poor expectant mothers…

Well Planned Parenthood Offers Life Saving Breast Cancer Screenings – Yep they offer these screening… problem is that not one clinic actually has a mammogram machine. No they offer referrals and real medical clinics do the lifesaving care.

So why go to Planned Parenthood if there are more community health clinics, they do not offer prenatal care or complete breast cancer screenings… maybe because they are willing to cover up crimes like rape?

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