Words matter. The Left has declared war on what you think and even what you say and the words you choose to say. If you are able to define the lists of allowable words and even begin painting benign words and phrases as some sort of code for deep seated racism and sexism then you gain an advantage in any debate as your opponent first has to debunk these ridiculous and often spurious attacks before they can even begin the process of debating the core issue. Yes, words matter and we see it every day as the Left’s agenda is continuously focused on policing our language to try to make it fit to their Politically Correct world view. I certainly do not have enough time to cover them all, but here are a few recent examples that I have seen that have stuck out as obvious in their attempt to hijack the narrative through draconian language enforcement. I invite you to share your favorites in the comments below and maybe in a few months I will pull together a Liberal Lexicon of Thought Control Words.

Ally – I have seen this word come up a lot recently. In the Leftist world an Ally is someone who supports the cause of the perceived victim class, but is not part of the victim class that is primarily identified by gender, race, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. Usually this is a subservient beta male who has been friend zoned by the feminist that he would like to date, but is instead drug along to an endless stream of women’s marches. (Sort of like a man dying of thirst on a raft in the middle of the ocean.) It is important to note that the opposite of Ally is Enemy, which means that if someone does not buy into 100% of a person’s perceived injustices then you are not simply someone who disagrees with them on some points, but are an Enemy. This is important as the Professor from Evergreen State College has recently found out. Even though he is a left leaning professor at a left leaning university he found out that Allies even when they agree with 97% of everything the student body is saying can quickly become a racist, sexist, homophobic, transexual hating bigot just like those rednecks in Middle America because he disagrees with the manner in which they are pursuing their social justice agenda.

Color Blindness and Meritocracy – According to a Rowan University Bias & Response Team website, both of these words are considered microagressions. While they claim that they are both problematic I find it difficult that both ideas are offensive since this was supposed to be the world that we were building. I am not colorblind as I recognize that there are people of every color… I simply do not let it become a factor in my decisions. I firmly believe in living as Dr. King instructed us when he said, “judge not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.” Part of that evaluation of character is to look not only at what they have achieved, but also how they have reacted in both success and failure. This refusal to acknowledge someone’s success because it might make someone else feel bad is about as far away from the values that made American exceptionalism a thing as on could get. This is based on the Left’s view that it should be Outcomes and not Opportunities that should be equal.

No Platform For Nazi’s – Watch 20 minutes of SJWs freakouts on YouTube and you will more than likely hear some whiny brain dead Leftist repeating this one over and over. This one requires a couple of logical leaps, but at the end it allows the Leftist to label you a Nazi and thus provide ample justification in their mind to suppress your Frist Amendment Rights by any means necessary including violence. This one has one purpose only… shut down the opposition. If your opposition can be called a Nazi then you are morally obligated to act. Unfortunately their definition of Nazi usually just means anyone who disagrees with them on any point… seriously any point at all.

We need to begin the process of taking back the narrative and the words that we want to use.

Posted by redstateronin


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