Democrats have been on a losing streak. Special elections to replace President Trump’s appointments so far have not yielded the expected windfall that Democrats had been hoping that they would receive despite spending millions of dollars to flip these seats. As we head into the Georgia special election to replace Congressman Price Democrats are banking that Jon Ossoff will defeat Republican Karen Handel so they can begin selling the narrative that Americans are abandoning President Trump and his policies in droves. The Left has been setting up this narrative since the inauguration and all they need is a slender victory and this will become the Democratic talking point until the midterm elections. Democrats are so desperate to get this story rolling that they have funneled 23 million dollars into a Congressional race to get it. The problem is that most of this money raised by the Democrat candidate comes from outside the district he is seeking to represent.

Back in April I wrote about how the Left was attacking this as a vulnerable seat in “Democrats Seek to Stack the Deck in Peach Tree State Special Election.” In that blog I had outlined how the Democrats had cherry picked a candidate that did not live in the district and donations and celebrities endorsements from outside the district had come pouring in to support Ossoff. Fast forward three months and the situation remains the same. As the Daily Caller reports, “…between March 29 and May 31, Ossoff reported $456,296.03 from California compared to $228,474.44 from Georgia. Ossoff received more than $220,000 from the Bay area alone. The Mercury News noted that the totals were only a fraction of the actual donations since he doesn’t have to report donations of less than $200.” His donations from the Bay Area are almost equal to the donations that he received from within the state in which he is running. What the voters of Georgia need to ask is, if Ossoff is elected as a Congressman to which constituency will he be beholden? Will he represent the voters of Georgia or will he be representing the voters of California which funded his campaign by an 8 to 1 ratio?

If Democrats win in this fashion you will begin to see more of this strategy in other districts. You will see big money flowing from traditionally safe Democratic strongholds like California, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois flowing into our local races to tip the balance towards candidates that are more likely to support the policies of coastal Leftist elites than the area in which the election is being held. This is a dangerous precedent. I for one do not want to see the rich donors in California selecting the Senator from Missouri. The Senator from Missouri should be a representative of the people of the state not beholden to groups 1,800 miles away for their reelection. How can Hollywood elites who have never stepped foot on the Saint Louis Arch and never met the candidate that they are endorsing know what is best for my family and I in Missouri? The simple answer is neither the out of state big money donors nor the celebrities should have a say in how the citizens of Missouri vote if they do not have a local stake in the results of the election. I hope the citizens in Georgia rise up and shut this strategy down so Democrats will learn that they cannot simply buy elections, but must win the in arena of ideas.

Posted by redstateronin

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