Yes it is disgusting. Yes it is despicable. Yes I could probably come up with another 40 adjectives that would describe what I personally think of Shakespeare in the Park’s ‘Julius Caesar’ and their latest version where they are depicting the assassination of Julius Caesar as red power tie wearing doppelganger of our President Donald Trump. While I think it is unbridled hateful dogwhistling from lunatic Leftists who still cannot believe that America rejected their world view; it is not illegal. While I may call what they are doing distasteful, disrespectful and without any artistic merit they are still within their legal right to perform the play. Let me repeat this again… while we may not like it… NOT ILLEGAL.

Recently there have been a couple of interruptions to the play by Conservatives who have walked up onto the stage or have shouted at the audience resulting in them having to be removed by security. Watching these videos I find them very reminiscent of any video where we see Conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, ect, ect, being shouted down by the local college SJW when they try to engage in free speech and dialogue. Mimicking the behavior of SJWs is not the way to win the hearts and minds of Americans. We cannot be advocates of free speech for all and then decide we are going to shut down speech with which we do not agree… after all we are not a bunch of skinny jean wearing, gender study taking, barista job having cretins living in our parents basement.

If you do not like their version of this play the solutions are simple. Do not buy a ticket. Do not acknowledge it on your social media sites. If you still feel strongly about it… I generally do not condone boycotts, but drop and email to the sponsors of the play and let them know that you do not think that supporting a play that depicts the assassination of the sitting President is “art” that should be supported. Hell, start your theater company and produce a version of the play that casts a look alike for either former President Obama or never President Hillary Clinton as the Julius Caesar character and watch bicoastal liberal heads explode. Any of the above options would be better than becoming exactly what we have been fighting against for the last year… free speech destroying SJWs.

The simple truth is we are beating the Left in the arena of ideas. I know at times it may not appear that way as we seem to have every major media outlet and celebrity aligned against our values, but we are winning. We know we are winning because the Left has turned to violence and has vacated the field of debate in preference for shouting down the opposition and refusing to allow us to speak. When we speak passionately, with conviction and use reasoned arguments we change minds. When the Left speaks with conviction they come up with assassination plays and ANTIFA protests. I say let the Left speak. The more that we allow them to speak the more they reveal just how much they hate the core values that have made America the greatest country in the world. Let the Left tear off the mask of their intolerance and hatred… Let the Left reveal itself to the world.

Posted by redstateronin

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