Anyone who did not see the shooting of Congressional Republicans coming has not been paying attention. Way back in February I wrote a piece called “Can I Now Punch the Butcher Because They are Out of Bacon?” where I examined the disturbing trend on college campuses where indoctrinated Leftists lash out violently with those they disagree with them instead of engaging in civilized debate. While I touched on this topic many times since then it was only two weeks ago where I wrote “Dogwhistling in the Dark – Kathy Griffin the Leftist Hate Monger” where I predicted that the increase in radical Leftist rhetoric and imagery was going to lead to an escalation of more violence because Democrats and the Media refuse to condemn the behavior on a regular basis. Instead the Media when they cannot paint it as violence somehow grown out of the political Right will simply black out the coverage and continue to beat their favorite dead Russian horse and Democratic lawmakers will pay some quick lip service when they are cornered by a diligent reporter, but immediately screech “Impeach Trump” and hold out their hands for donations.

There has been plenty of time between the November Elections and yesterday when the Democrats and Mainstream Media could have partnered with those on the Right to call for an end to the violence. This has not happened for one reason… they secretly believe that this escalating violence is silencing Conservative voices and they will do anything to erode any support for President Trump… even if it means destroying America. They believe so deeply in their ideology that they cannot fathom a world in which anyone would dare challenge their world view. Anyone who disagrees with them must be Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Islamphoic, or to put it in their terms a Nazi. The Left with their propaganda arm in the Mainstream Media has set about using the character attacks of all Conservatives as a method of not only discounting our voices, but dehumanizing us as well. After all it is much easier to justify your violence against the opposition when you consider them sub human Nazi scum.

The one thing that is apparent is that the Left does not understand the Conservatives at all. Instead of cowering these types of attacks and violence will only strengthen our resolve to see our agenda enacted across the board. Each time the Left has tried to silence our voices, Conservatives have come back and their numbers have grown. The middle of America is a sleeping dragon and if the Left insists on attacking liberty and freedom they will not like what they find when that dragon awakes. Most Conservatives are content to go to work, pay their taxes, raise their families and be part of the silent majority, but they will not sit back and watch you tear America apart. ANTIFA and their fan boy Democrats and Mainstream Media may think that they want total war with Conservatives, but I wonder if that is the best strategy for the side whose ranks are mainly made up of skinny jean wearing beta male baristas who are still living at home in their parent’s basements?

Posted by redstateronin

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