Unless you are living under a rock that has not been WIFI enabled you are aware of Former Director James Comey testified before the Senate today. If you were paying attention to the Democrat’s line of questioning what you saw was them taking the issue of impeachment out for a test run to see if it was road ready or if they were still driving around in a lime green 1964 Gremlin. I can say that despite the hyperbolic hysteria of Leftists and their Media mouth pieces, that while President Trump did come out looking like the political novice that he is and lacking refinement and tact, we find out that despite months of speculation and rumors being propagated by them that President Trump was never the target of the investigation. Additionally, we find out that members of the Senate and Congress had already been made aware of this fact and still went out of their way to make ridiculous calls for impeachment.

See the heart of the issue is simple. Either Director Comey perjured himself today or he perjured himself back in May. You cannot testify a month ago and say that you have never been pressured to lay off an investigation and then reverse that testimony a month later and reference a conversation that occurred prior to your May testimony as your evidence. Both things cannot be simultaneously true. Comey’s testimony appeared to be that of a self-serving disgruntled ego maniac who was pissed off that he got fired and was hell bent on showing the world that he could lay the President low.

Disagree with my assessment? I can prove it. Rewatch the testimony, but this time I want you to keep three words in mind when you do… Fidelity, Bravery & Integrity. Listen carefully to his testimony and determine with each sentence which of those characteristics he is displaying or not displaying as he goes through his account. The answer is he pretty much across the board does the exact opposite of what you would expect someone with those qualities to do in that same situation… if you believe his account. Why is this important… because Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity is the FBI motto and if the person leading that organization lacks those qualities he has zero business in that role.

Posted by redstateronin

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