Climate alarmists finally got one right as Thursday June 1st, 2017 the sea level did in fact rise. However, it was not due to the manmade climate hoax that is being perpetrated across the globe, but due to the sweet sweet tears of the globalist elites who had an epic meltdown over President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Climate accord. The Left is shocked even though he promised that if elected that he would do this very thing. While the Left inundates us with arguments of how the world now hates us for failing to spend trillions of dollars for a 0.015-degree reduction to projected temperatures I think it is important to dig into the real reasons why these countries and groups hate us.  Yes the entire world hates us… and that is a good thing

The European countries hate us because…

  • The U.S. is taking away part of the UNs green energy slush fund. By exiting this agreement, the U.S. will no longer be obligated to send billions of taxpayer dollars annually to fund UN green energy programs. Western European countries would have had a lot of influence on how that money was spent, but there was zero oversight built into the agreement to protect the American taxpayer. It apparently is not enough that America sends Europe big buckets of money every year to pay for their defense, we are now expected to foot the bill for their fight against global warming… you know like paying for their bureaucrats to take lavish vacations… uh I mean attend important climate change conferences in exotic locations.
  • It removes a political and legal lever that they could have used against the U.S. You may call the accords toothless, but trust and believe that sooner or later the European Union would have found a way to use it as a political lever or would have threatened legal action against the United States to extract some concession from us or force compliance to their nightmare of regulatory standards to do business within their borders.
  • Let’s be honest… Western Europe has been slowly sliding into the socialist cesspool for a while. There fundamental belief is that richer countries have an obligation to give wealth to poorer countries. This takes them a giant step backwards in their dreams of global socialism… you know so we can all live in misery together.

Middle East, Russia and some South American and African counties hate us because…

  • We are now freer to conduct exploration and extraction of the U.S. oil and shale reserves which reduces our dependence on having to purchase theirs. Face it the technology is not there… If the technology existed for us to make the transition in mass away from fossil fuels the free market would guide that transition. Until that point we must face the reality that we are reliant on fossil fuels and these countries would love nothing more than to have the United States reliant on their exports.

Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, India and many more hate us because…

  • We are no longer tying one hand behind our back when we compete with them economically. This deal would have made us less competitive economically. If we strip close to three trillion dollars from our economy over 20 years that will have a negative impact in our ability to grow our economy. The U.S. front loading their commitments in this deal ensures competitive advantage for many countries. Furthermore, some of the countries like China and India would not be on the hook for making any changes for decades. This two-sided agreement would see the transfer of wealth from the U.S. middle class to countries around the world and help achieve the primary goal of the Paris accords… global economic equality.

Large Corporations and CEOs hate us because…

  • The Paris agreement is anti-small business. To meet our imposed reductions, we would have to add massive regulations to our economy. These regulations would impact every possible industry. While massive corporations can afford the costs of meeting the burdens imposed by intrusive and unnecessary regulations, small business cannot. These regulations would help large corporations maintain their competitive advantage because it raises the bar for entry for smaller competitors. As these smaller companies die off and are not replaced our innovation and technology increases are stifled. Agility is the life’s blood of small companies and when we regulate that out of existence we kill the off the largest provider of jobs and economic grow in our country… small business. I am surprised that while many CEOs were racing to social media to bash President Trump on how horrible this was economically that they did not trip over their vast piles of money as the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 all hit record highs after the announcement.

Green Energy Companies hate us because…

  • The government handouts get reduced. The fact of the matter is once you consider the total cost of ownership of home solar systems the return on investments takes a long time or never materializes once you remove government incentives from the equation. If it made economic sense without placing some of that burden on the taxpayer, trust and believe that every building in America would be strapped to bursting with solar panels. The rest of the green energy industry is pretty much the same as solar in that it does not make any economic sense without being subsidized by government. You want to know why Elon Musk was so upset about President Trump’s announcement… no it is not because he wants to save the planet… it is because his companies have only survived thus far because they are subsidized by the government and he was poised to receive billions more if we continued down our current path.

Democrats hate us because…

  • We refused to hold hands, sing kumbaya and march off a financial cliff that would have led them to have more control over our daily lives. Democrats cannot keep themselves out of our lives and will stop at nothing short of totalitarianism to prove we need to be saved from ourselves with Democrats set up to be the ones who know best how to guide us. Don’t believe me look at how the Democrats in charge of New York and California have reacted. They plan on pushing state level executive orders that will force the state to comply with the terms of the Paris agreement. Good citizens of New York and California you might as well bend over and get comfortable because you are about to get screwed. My prediction… These states will watch as their energy rates climb, their gas prices will continue to climb above the national average, the average worker wage will stagnate or decrease, consumers will have less choices available to them as products are restricted to meet these new regulations, small businesses will be forced to close or move and citizens flee. Not one of these things is good for their respective states, but at least the Democratic elites there get to stay in the club and look down their nose at the rest of us.

Poor countries hate us because…

  • American tax dollars will not be redistributed to them. Here is the true purpose of the Paris agreement which was based more on political ideology than actual science. The UN would receive billions annually from richer countries like the U.S. and then they would decide on how those dollars would be spent. Some portion of those dollars would be sent to poorer countries to fight the effects of global warming. The money spent would not be spent on allowing those countries to develop further, but would billed as fighting poverty caused by climate change. In the end, we all know that they will simply be bribes to allow those in power in those countries to stagnate their own economies and keep their people in poverty.

Many on the political Left have been calling this a lack of world leadership from the U.S. Just because you are standing in front of the group all moving in the same direction does not make you a leader. A leader is going to make the unpopular tough calls for the people he leads. This is exactly what the President did. He weighed the costs, trillions stripped from our economy and millions of jobs lost, versus the predicted benefit, the most optimistic projections call for a statistically insignificant decrease in projected temperature increases and made the choice that benefited American more in the long run. It seems that we are quickly coming to a point where “All Climate Deniers Must be Burned at the Stake” and once we live in a world where we can no longer question science or politicians where does that leave people who are neither when our science becomes politicized. This agreement was a product of political theater and not science. It was born of a desire to redistribute wealth and not save the planet as they claim.

Tucker Carlson owning the climate alarmists.

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