We thought she would finally go away. We thought we had sent a clear enough message that we did not want her for President. Apparently getting an electoral college whopping was not enough. While I have no special knowledge I am predicting that Hillary Clinton will announce her intention on running for President shortly after the midterm elections. I can already see the beginning of her laying the groundwork as she returns to public life to test the waters. She has exited the woods and apparently still delusional as ever. Her self-awareness is nonexistent as she continues to blame her loss on sexism, James Comey, the Russians and has recently added “Crazy” third party candidates to the list. Her delusion is so strong she believes that she beat both Sanders and Trump according to Breitbart. For those paying attention her campaign and the DNC COLLUDED to derail Sanders bid and despite the Leftist attempts to petition their way out of it, the electoral college did vote for President Trump. Delusional is an unshakable belief that cheating one person and losing to another is you “…beating them both.”

She is giving speeches and taking shots at the President and this is a clear indication that she is testing the waters to see if it is safe for her to return to politics. I am sure she believes that if she can put some time between her various scandals and 2020 she will have a shot at unseating President Trump. The problem is the American people are unlikely to forget. I believe that she will continue to live in her Leftist Elitist bubble and with early endorser Tom Perez in the driver seat at the DNC she may think she has an ally to help clear the decks for her assentation to the POTUS.


I predict that her defeat will not be the last we will see of her politically. We can hope the special prosecutor does his job and uncovers the true collusion with Russia from the Hillary camp, but I am not hopeful on that front. We can hope that those Democrats that supported Bernie Sanders and felt cheated when they learned the lengths to which Hillary Clinton and the DNC would to in order to lie and cheat their way to the nomination reject her outright, but I am not hopeful on their front either. No it is likely to come down to us Deplorables again if we are going to keep Crooked Hillary from become POTUS and destroying America.

Posted by redstateronin

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