I can’t make it any simpler than Director Comey had to fired. In fact I think this move was long overdue and should have been done either back during the Obama administration or soon after President Trump took office. For too long Director Comey has allowed the FBI to be politicized. We have selective leaks of information being used to partisan political attacks, we have seen potential conflicts of interest run rampant throughout the organization, we have incompetence and each of these has served to erode public trust in our nation’s most prestigious law enforcement agency. During the summer when Comey released the results of the Hillary Clinton email investigation he stepped off the path and has never recovered. I have no issue with him releasing a statement, but the statement should have been within boundaries of his role. He should have given the first 11 minutes of his statement and then stopped. The second he moved from investigator to prosecutor in not recommending that charges be filed he became one of the swamp creatures and entangled himself in politics. His role should have been to hand over the information collected to either a Department of Justice attorney or a grand jury and allow them to perform their role which is to determine if the evidence would support taking the case to trail.

In October he stepped in it again when days before the election he announced that he was reopening the case against Hillary Clinton only to close it again days later. The only reason why I believe that he had to make this announcement in October was due to a promise that he had made earlier when testifying before Congress when under oath he promised if he reopened the case he would inform them of that decision. Him reporting in October was not a mistake because he had already committed to doing that if the situation, the mistake he made was making the promise in the first place. Instead of saying that they would treat it the same that they treat most FBI cases and would neither confirm nor deny if the investigation was ongoing he made the commitment to make that information public should the situation change… of course the situation changed. I still have not seen any evidence that reopening the investigation changed would have made much of a difference in the election, but Comey’s decisions and actions seem political even if that was not his intention.

The last point I will make about this is the selective fake outrage coming from the Left. Do you Leftist morons not realize how the internet works? Seriously if you have called for his resignation or firing between October and now do you honestly think that acting outraged now will make people forget your previous soundbites on the topic just because you changed direction? And if anyone seriously believes that he would still be the FBI Director had Hillary Clinton won you are out of your mind because day one instead of signing some executive orders on deregulation like President Trump did her first order of business would have been to kick Comey to the curb. The fact that so many Leftist have come out with outraged cranked up all the way to 11 when so many have asked for exactly what President Trump just did shows the naked hypocrisy of the Democrats. And for all those Democrats whining about special prosecutors… that is fine as long as we extend that investigation to include all Americans with ties to Russia to include John Podesta and Hillary Clinton because there certainly seems to be more evidence of collusion between them and Russian then there is for actual evidence against President Trump.

Posted by redstateronin

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