Just reading the headline “Impeach Trump! LA City Council Demands ‘high crimes’ probe that could end presidency” from My News LA I am led to wonder if this is a product of the newly removed laws on marijuana or if the entirety of the LA City Council has gone stupid with Trump Derangement Syndrome. As noted in the article “The resolution calls for the city’s 2017-18 federal legislative program to include support for any legislative action to investigate whether Trump has violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution or committed any other high crime or misdemeanor.” This is pretty funny considering that their stance on sanctuary cities is likely to cost them billions of dollars in federal grants so I hope that the citizens of the city enjoy their city leadership prioritizing a city led investigation into Trump over the safety of their citizens because once the money is pulled they will likely not be able to do both.

In all seriousness these ridiculous calls for impeachment have got to stop or at least wait until you have some actual evidence before you fly off the deep end. You demanded investigations into Russian collusion when there was nothing there and now you demand investigations into his finances because, “Diplomats from foreign governments and their agents are staying in Trump hotels, like the Trump hotel in D.C.,’ Zephyr Teachout, one of the lawyers on the case, told NPR. That’s money from foreign governments going into our president’s pocket while he is making decisions that affect those countries.” Do you honestly believe that a foreign diplomate staying in a hotel for $400 a night is going to actually impact a decision made by the President. I take it back you’re not on drugs or suffering from a temporary break from reality… you’re just plain stupid.

I would guess that the LA City Council would have better uses for their time instead of spending it on meaningless virtue signaling that just makes the entire city look ridiculous. The LA School District is horrible, the streets are so pothole riddled they turn your vehicles into bad massage chairs, crime and gang violence are rampant, most days the 405 freeway is a parking lot, illegal immigration is overwhelming your social programs, homelessness is epidemic  and city employee pension programs are going to eventually bankrupt the city. LA you have plenty of problems that your city council should be focused on and trying to Impeach Trump isn’t one of them.

Posted by redstateronin

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  1. […] dollars to fight the deportation of illegal aliens in Sacramento, you have the nut jobs of the LA City Council passing a virtue signally vote to impeach President Trump and now Governor Moonbeam is looking to […]



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