I only can think of one word to describe Republicans in Washington… Feckless. The proposed budget that is coming down the pike only proves that the majority of current DC Republicans are nothing more than tax and spend surrender monkeys. So just so we are all on the same page… Republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House and the budget is being whole heartedly praised by Senator Schumer. (That is not a ringing endorsement for what Republicans are accomplishing.) Seriously it is time for Republicans to act like the party that was put in charge by the American people and stop capitulating over the threat of a government shutdown. Despite being the minority party Democrats managed to walk away from the deal with funding for Planned Parenthood, Obamacare funding, Iran Deal Money, National Endowment for the Arts funding, denying Republicans a stick to use to bring sanctuary cities that are lawlessly defying federal law into compliance, no cut to the EPA funding and most importantly no funding for the Wall and the poke in the eye of the American voters who put every Republican into office was the language added specifically to ensure President Trump cannot not use any of the border security money on the wall. Oh we got a marginal increase to defense spending… In all seriousness it is time to remove Paul Ryan from a leadership position as this is nothing more than a budget for Democrats, negotiated by Democrats and supported by Democrats.

So this new spending bill tees up 1.1 trillion dollars in spending, but Republicans could not find a fraction of a percentage point to grant 1.5 billion dollars to start moving with the wall. (Less than 1% of the total.) Imagine my surprise when I saw the headline in the newsletter from my Republican Congressperson talking about human trafficking. You know what works wonders against human trafficking, drug smuggling and illegal migration? Taking away the financial incentive. You know how you take away the financial incentive? You make it harder for them to conduct this type of business. You know how you do that? Yep you guessed it… A physical barrier like I don’t know… a wall. You think you can fool the American people with adding a few extra people and some cameras and calling it a day on border security. The problem with that is as soon as the next administration comes in they cut the people to guard the border and watch the cameras and we are right back in the same mess we were during the summer of 2014. Make no mistake not building the wall will see Republicans lose big in the midterms as Republicans stay home because they know that Democrats seek to throw open the gates of our country, which is made so much easier if the gate is never built in the first place.

If I sound frustrated it is because I am. How can Republicans control all the purse strings in Washington and then push a bill that looks like it was written by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi? Republicans need to stop worrying about what the Liberal press is going to say about them and start worrying about Republicans staying home on elections, putting together responsible budgets and protecting the American people. If voting for Republicans only means slightly better version of Democrats plans then it is time to toss the entire lot out and find Republicans who will think like Conservatives. It is no longer #BuildTheWall it now becomes #NoWallNoVote.

Posted by redstateronin


  1. voiceofreasonoriginal May 2, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    If the Republicans in Congress and the Senate cannot pass a border wall and national reciprocity, then I have no further use for the Republican party.

    Republicans are at the precipice of a bloodletting at the midterms, because the people who put them and Trump into office are gonna stay home if they don’t stop enabling the democrat agenda.



    1. I could not agree with you more about how things are likely to play out during the midterms if they don’t turn things around. However, instead of staying home it is time we start looking at running primary candidates against those Democrats dressing up in Republican clothing. Everyone should be writing both their Congressperson and Senator now and putting them on notice that the time of fake conservatism and playing lip service to those matters that are important to us are over. There is still time to get what our country needs in place before the midterms, but we have to speak up now.



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