Month: April 2017

Cry Nuclear! Let Slip the Dogs of War

Of course after failing to embarrass or trip him up during the confirmation hearings they are now erroneously declaring that he is not in the mainstream of judicial thought and declaring without citing specific examples his performance and written answers. Of course if you viewed any of the confirmation hearings then you are aware that the Democrats failed to score any soundbites of substance from which they could launch relevant attacks that would resonate with anyone other than the very extreme Left of the party.

Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia: Bullet Train to Bankruptcy

Oh California; home to potholes, rampant homelessness, incredibly high taxes, nanny state policies and more free speech suppressing SJWs per capita than a Bernie Sanders rally. We used to call you the golden state because of the sunshine, now we do it as a joke because your city streets smell like urine… you know that rampant homelessness problem. I had called California home for 24 years until I moved back to the Midwest last year. Much of that time I really enjoyed living in the state despite the higher taxes, massive amounts of state bureaucracy and every time you voted there was a proposition each and every time to raise the taxes.