Month: April 2017

To the Moon Acosta – The Honeymoon President Trump Never Got

A recent study by the Media Research Center found that from inauguration to April 9th the coverage on the Trump administration was 89% negative. This is quite a swing from the previous “scandal free” administration which was actually full of scandals, but the mainstream media was complicit in their lack of coverage. No the case for Liberal media bias is so convincing that even long term Democrats are beginning to notice, but at almost 90% negative coverage it would be hard to miss it.

Democrats Seek to Stack the Deck in Peach Tree State Special Election

Win, lose or draw the Left is so desperate for a victory at this point that whatever the outcome of this race they will try to paint this as a major victory and an indictment of President Trump… not so fast leftists I think you are leaving a few parts out of that narrative.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses Their Freedoms

You may have had some early success in shutting down conservative speakers at your college campus, but the tide has turned. People frankly cannot stand your smug attitudes and entitled behavior. While you may be impressing your virtue signaling Facebook friends with your mock heroics, (You know pepper spraying women giving interviews and dragging single people into your crowds where a group of you courageously stomp on them in 8 to 1 ratios.) the rest of us are getting tired of your victim status whining and all the bullshit you spout that you just learned from your left leaning professors.

The Week In Review: 7 Ways Being a Leftist Is Exhausting

It must be utterly exhausting to be a Liberal. I mean every day for the last nine months has been the majority of the Left waking up each and every day with the outrage dial cranked all the way to eleven. It would be fine except they are running out of things to be legitimately outraged about now and they are beginning to propose ways of redressing their grievances which only other insane people would find to be a suitable solution. Honestly Leftists, take a few days off from all the outrage it would do you and the world a whole lot of good because keeping up the anger cannot be good for you.

America First Does Not Mean America Only

I believe that when they hear the President say “America First” they imagined that it meant an isolationist version of America only. They point to the President’s own previous condemnation of Obama’s intervention across the global to push the story that they were sold a bill of goods that are not behaving as advertised. I disagree because America first does not necessary mean American only.

Leftist Logic – Fight Perceived Injustice with Real Injustice

One of the reasons I am an avid reader of The Huffington Post is that I get to learn great things like all the world’s problems can be solved with more progressivism… well and disenfranchising white males for a period of 20 – 30 years and taking our wealth to be redistributed. Shelley Garland in her blog titled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” essentially postulates in her opinion that everything bad that has occurred over the last year can be laid squarely at the feet of the white male.

Notre Dame Student Protest VP Pence: An Avalanche of Stupidity

Many of the students are saying that the schools choice for commencement speaker is making them feel “unsafe.” Who is this monster of the “Alt-Right” that has these precious little snowflakes howling in terror? Genghis Khan? Charles Manson? Josephs Stalin? Adolph Hitler? No it is not any of these mass murdering sociopaths… it is Vice President Michael Pence. Wait what? Seriously?