Walls work… Just ask Matt Damon or any Hollywood elite who use them to protect their homes. Hell ask Obama who after purchasing his DC home… first thing put up a wall. Now I am not talking about a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, but a wall where it makes sense and technology and increased border patrol presence where building a wall is impractical. In essence the American people are asking that we curb the tide of illegal immigration that run unchecked during the Obama years, make it more difficult for drug and human smugglers to make a living and simply enforce the laws. Now it is time for Republicans to put up and shut up and side with the American citizen or fail on their promises and support the open borders agenda of the globalists. You either support the wall or you don’t and if the Republicans back down now we will know on whose side they stand.

At this point there is nothing stopping Republicans from moving forward with the wall. They have both houses and the White House and now all of a sudden are going to pull out the fiscal conservatism card over 30 billion? How much money did we spend on educating, feeding and subsidizing illegal immigration over the past 8 years? How much money has gone towards fighting a growing heroin epidemic? What is the cost of allowing human smuggling and sex trafficking to go unchecked? Even if we get modest reductions of 20% in each of those three areas the wall becomes an investment that saves lives and money. Democrats have threaten to fight any funding of the wall even if it means a government shutdown… and the Republicans are running scared as usual. Good let the government shutdown and crank up the PR machine to let the American people know that Democrats let the government shutdown over what amounts to 0.035% of federal spending next year. President Trump is only asking for 1.4 billion dollars to get some elements of the wall started which is a very small bit of the multi-trillion dollar federal budget.

Democrats have run out of arguments… Birds and bats can fly over it and when Nancy Pelosi says that building the wall will “…would take food out of the mouths of babies and seniors and education, clean air, clean water, scientific research off the table in a significant way in order for him to pay for his immoral, ineffective, unwise proposal of a wall” we all know she is full of it. The fact that defending our sovereignty and enforcing our laws has somehow become immoral is an argument that should worry everyone in America. No what I think is immoral is we are spending money on illegal immigrants when we have rampant problems with veteran homelessness and suicide rates. No what I think is immoral are cities and states enacting policies that clearly violate the spirit of immigration law and put citizens at risk when they prioritize the rights of criminal illegal aliens. No what I think is immoral is having 50 million American families being on food stamps, but trying to argue that without illegal immigration we would have a shortage of labor.

Make no mistake the wall needs to be built. The reason that Democrats are fighting so hard to avoid building the wall… it is a permanent reminder that we will be following our immigration laws and unlike sensors and agents are much harder to undo should a Democrat find their way into office. The wall would be a visible symbol of American sovereignty and when the globalists turn their attention to push us towards and open border welfare state for the world they will have to tear it down and risk openly have Americans question their motives. For those Democrats and Republicans that are so worried about who is going to pay for the wall… Senator Ted Cruz has a brilliant plan and “…has proposed legislation to fund President Trump’s desired border wall with Mexico by seizing profits from notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The EL CHAPO Act seeks to pay for the barrier with $14 billion from the Mexican gangster currently awaiting his federal trial in Brooklyn, the conservative Texan said Tuesday.”


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