What do you do as the Democratic Party when an ABC News / Washington Post poll finds that 67% of Americans believe you are out of touch with the people’s concerns? Why you go further to the left in your rhetoric and policies. It seems that everyone in charge of the Democratic Party believes that the way to win back the center of the American voter is to double down on the same leftist mentality that led Democrats to losing hundreds of seats across local, state and federal offices and the White House as well. It appears that black masked thugs suppressing free speech and violently trying to stop political rallies are not the values for which the average American stands. The deafening silence of Democrats in condemning the acts of violence being carried out against conservatives is being heard loud and clear by all Americans and the message that they are hearing is fall in line with our beliefs or risk being attacked. It is not a message of tolerance and civility, but one of hatred and anger.

So let’s review what the Democrats have done this week to prove that they are on the side of the average American.

  • Well there was a husband and wife arrested for performing female genital mutilation and the party that brought us the march of “pussy hats” was notably silent. No twitter tirades by legions of third wave feminists condemning this practice. Apparently this entire argument about women having the choice to do what they want with their bodies does not extend Muslim girls.
  • DNC Chair Tom Perez essentially said that every Democratic must adhere to Planned Parenthood’s dogmatic beliefs on abortion or be cut off from party support. There apparently is no room for any intellectual diversity and Democrats will no longer tolerate those that do not support a woman’s right to abortion on demand and all the time. He said the following in his statement.

Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state. At a time when women’s rights are under assault from the White House, the Republican Congress, and in states across the country,” he added, “we must speak up for this principle as loudly as ever and with one voice.

  • Democrats decided that what they needed to do was to send a socialist on the road to bolster their image when Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez went on a cross country unity tour. Like any buddy cop film hilarity ensued. The Gateway Pundit did a very good summary of the entire tour based upon the RNC timeline and is worth a good read.

  • Monday
    • Perez gets booed.
    • Perez and Bernie argue over whether Dems actually invested in the Kansas special election.
    • Bernie still refuses to share his email list with the DNC.
  • Tuesday
    • While sitting next to Perez, Bernie says he isn’t a Democrat.
    • Perez and Bernie give joint interview and disagree over several policy issues.
    • Perez/Dems invest $8M+ in Jon Ossoff, who only earns 3% of the vote more than Hillary.
  • Wednesday
    • Perez gets booed– again.
    • Bernie insults Hillary by arguing that Trump didn’t win in 2016, Democrats lost.
    • Perez’s deputy, Keith Ellison, blames Obama for 2016 losses.
    • Bernie snubs and Ossoff
    • Democrats throw Ossoff under the bus.
  • Thursday
    • Progressive groups condemn Bernie & Perez for holding a rally in support of pro-life Democrat Heath Mello in Omaha.
    • Perez tries to clean up the Mello-drama.
  • Friday
    • Perez gets booed– for a third time.
    • Perez tries to clean up the Mello-drama – again.
    • Bernie tries to clean up his Ossoff snub.
    • Meet The Press criticizes “Unity Tour.”
  • Saturday
    • Team Perez blames Bernie for Mello-drama.
  • Sunday
    • Bernie rebukes Perez by doubling down on Mello.
    • Bernie says “model of the Democratic Party is failing.”
    • CBS’s John Dickerson blasts Perez for his coarse language at “Unity Tour” rallies.

Watch the Democratic Disunity Tour.

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