The Huffington Post wrote another puff piece propping up a Democrat… I know that this is not exactly news, but their title “Congressman Ted Lieu Trolls Donald Trump with ‘Bigly’ Crowd: ‘They Don’t Like You’ is laughable if you actually look at the picture. Congressman Ted Lieu fired off the following tweet to the President, “Dear @realDonaldTrump: This was the bigly crowd at my Town Hall tonight. They don’t like you. #ImWithTed” and then added a picture of the event. Of course since good old Ted is a Democrat and it is an event where they are not breaking anything, ‘bigly’ means less than 300 people with 6 empty seats. In what world is finding 300 people in California the most liberal state in the country who don’t like Trump news? The very same Trump who regularly draws thousands to his rallies and unlike his Democrat counterparts isn’t having a free concert from star studded celebrities to boost attendance. Good job Congressman Lieu in igniting the resistance, while you sit around with your 300 friends complaining about how Putin influenced the election because the truth got out about Hillary we will be busy motivating thousands to change the world.

In addition to HuffPo being all over Congressman Lieu’s jock you had many of his Leftist followers enamored by his “trolling”. HoboCat wants Ted to keep fighting and not trade our healthcare for a wasteful wall. Well I am one of those taxpayers and I would rather see us invest in a wall that could potentially save us billions of dollars.


WH Occupation Day 88 calls Ted an artful troll. Nope sorry wrong answer… Only having 300 people in your crowd and calling it ‘Bigly’ in an attempt to troll someone who draws thousands is actually just pathetic trolling.

Joy Horowitz declares that they are the resistance. Well they are not Spartans and this is politics not The Battle of Thermopylae sooo….. there is that.

No Rob what’s sad is Democrats can’t read charts. See your little chart below shows the range of various president’s popularity over a period of time. Trying to compare a 4 year or 8 year presidency to one that has only last 100 days is a bit dishonest. Additionally, I think I count 8 different Presidents that had approvals ratings lower than Trump’s lowest at some point in their careers so your statement is factually inaccurate.

Ailenka PR Girl thinks the GOP should find this frightening… Well I can guarantee that California is a GOP write off. We didn’t need it to win last time and we won’t need it in 2020. You can go ahead and keep the popular vote.

And Kim C. Flodin thinks that between this town hall and the one Representative Jeffries held in a high school of 643 students is thousands…  At best a thousand, but does prove Democrats are bad at logic and at math.


No the Democrats are struggling when this is the best that they can muster. Between violent ANTIFA thugs, humorless PC Police and Nanny State Fascism I do not see how they recover until they come back to the middle. People are getting tired of your hate and vitriol and you cannot run a country when your entire platform is I hate Trump. Lastly this tweet is not epic. For a tweet to be epic it has to be tongue in cheek, witty and most important true.

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