In case you have not heard Secretary Price’s former seat in Georgia sixth Congressional district has been going through a special election today. Of course if you listened to either mainstream media or Hollywood celebrities then you have heard them go on about how this will be some sort of bell weather election spelling the end for President Trump. Democrats have pinned their hopes on Jon Ossoff the leading Democrat to eek out a victory by capturing more than 50% of the vote which would win him the seat outright. This is because if this election moves on to the top two candidates then he would have to square off against the most likely leading Republican contender Karen Handel which would consolidate the vote in the solidly red state of Georgia around a single conservative candidate and reduce the chances of Democrats capturing the seat. Win, lose or draw the Left is so desperate for a victory at this point that whatever the outcome of this race they will try to paint this as a major victory and an indictment of President Trump… not so fast leftists I think you are leaving a few parts out of that narrative.

  1. To even be competitive Democrats had to go outside of the district and import a viable candidate. Ossoff may be from the area originally, but he cannot even vote for himself in this election. It has always seemed strange to me that we would allow someone to run to represent an area when they are not technically a resident of the area, but at this point Democrats will do anything to win.
  2. At this point it appears that Ossoff is going to come up short (Capturing around 48% of the total vote) despite high power celebrity endorsements. Alyssa Milano, Rosie O’Donnell, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, George Takei, Chelsea Handler and a few others have all been pushing their followers to get out and vote. I am really surprised that they did not get together to do another celebrity video with the ominous music and white background where they just keep finishing each other’s sentences. So it appears that Democrats are pulling out all the stops to force a Democratic victory, but I ask when have you see more than 1 or 2 celebrities endorse a candidate from a congressional race on the other side of the country.
  3. Sure Ossoff raised a local record 8.3 Million dollars for this race more than all 11 Republicans opposing him… too bad most of it did not come from within the district and the citizens that he is running to represent. As The Center for Public Integrity reports, “When the candidates’ own campaign money is excluded, the Georgia 6thspecial election has attracted about one Georgia penny for every $10 in national cash…” We would be a foolish to not know that a ton of that money came from the Democratic strongholds of California, New York and Massachusetts. This level of influence being directed to a local election should be concerning not only to Georgians, but all Americans and this proves that even at the Congressional level the Democrats are willing to spend a lot of money to make your vote count for less.

At this point the Republicans come out winning regardless of how this election turns out in the end. If Jon Ossoff wins then everyone knows that they had to cherry pick a candidate from outside the district, toss in A list celebrities endorsements and raise more money than his 11 Republican opponents combined to squeak out an incredibility narrow victory. If Republicans end up winning then it shows that despite cherry picking a candidate from outside the district, enlisting the aid of Hollywood elites and outspending a field of 11 Republican opponents combined they still could not win the seat. While the mainstream media continues to blow this race out of proportion the Democrats will continue to try to spin this into a referendum of the Trump administration. I still think it is far too early in the Trump presidency to try and use a single special election as a barometer of the country especially since it appears that the Democrats are trying to stack the deck against the citizens of Georgia. In the end it still is a single seat in the house which is still firmly in Republican control for a minimum of the next year and a half.

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  1. […] in April I wrote about how the Left was attacking this as a vulnerable seat in “Democrats Seek to Stack the Deck in Peach Tree State Special Election.” In that blog I had outlined how the Democrats had cherry picked a candidate that did not live in […]



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