Dear Leftists of Berkeley,

I am going to give you some hard hitting truths and I hope you take heed. Conservatism and Republicans are not going away. Furthermore every time you show up in your dollar store bandannas and designer skinny jeans that mommy and daddy bought you to violently suppress free speech our movement will grow. Conservatives and Republicans are going to keep going to Berkeley until they are allowed to march is peace without the ANTIFA thugs showing up with smokebombs, M80s and a plan to try to steal constitutional rights. For every two people you convince to don the black hoodie and strap on a cardboard shield you will also convince 10 to wear a red MAGA hat and waive an American flag. Your movement will never sustain itself as it is a movement built on hate and thuggery.

You may have had some early success in shutting down conservative speakers at your college campus, but the tide has turned. People frankly cannot stand your smug attitudes and entitled behavior. While you may be impressing your virtue signaling Facebook friends with your mock heroics, (You know pepper spraying women giving interviews and dragging single people into your crowds where a group of you courageously stomp on them in 8 to 1 ratios.) the rest of us are getting tired of your victim status whining and all the bullshit you spout that you just learned from your left leaning professors. See most of us have spent time in the real world and we know that your safe space where everyone is a precious snowflake way of life does not work. See we know the difference between real life and this fantasy world that you have created for yourself in your parent’s basement. In our world when a gang of snot nosed brats demand a growing portion of what we have earned through our hard work and then go further and say we are not entitled to our views or opinions… it kind of pisses us off.

See you have now lost in the arena of ideas. Republicans control most State Assemblies, Governorships, the House, the Senate and the White House. When you could not win the debate you turned to character assassination. Everyone who disagreed with you must be a racist, sexist, Islamaphobe, homophobe or one of the multiple isms. This hand got overplayed and most people no longer listen when you accused someone of something because it was usually blown way out of proportion or it was taken out of context. Now the only card left to play is violent suppression of free speech and trying to intimidate people into silence. The problem is many on the right are veterans and have faced far scarier people than the hipster barista who is trying to grow his first facial hair. Putting on a mask and dressing up like ISIS is not going to intimidate the right into silence. In fact it will only strengthen our resolve and ensure that every Pro Trump rally that happens is filled with hard charging patriots who are the people Churchill was referring to when he said, “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those that would do us harm.” Leftists this path does not lead you to victory. Attacks on our rights is an attack on the core of our identity as Americans and from that we will never back down.

Yours Truly,


P.S. In case you need a history lesson on how the tide in Berkley has been turning.

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