It must be utterly exhausting to be a Liberal. I mean every day for the last nine months has been the majority of the Left waking up each and every day with the outrage dial cranked all the way to eleven. It would be fine except they are running out of things to be legitimately outraged about now and they are beginning to propose ways of redressing their grievances which only other insane people would find to be a suitable solution. Honestly Leftists, take a few days off from all the outrage it would do you and the world a whole lot of good because keeping up the anger cannot be good for you. Everyone else have a great Easter and remember the real reason for the holiday.

ANTIFA Back to the Basics of Free Speech Suppression

Once again the bay area Leftists of ANTIFA have sought to take away others rights to free speech when they once again invaded a Pro Trump rally with the intention of doing violence… Sorry if you show up wearing masks, goggles and helmets you are not showing up to engage in a lively debate. It seems that the Pro Trump are tried of ANTIFA and looked to get the better of them in more of the exchanges. Probably why they resorted to throwing M80 and using pepper spray.

Pocahontas Asks What is the Strategy

Senator Warren is a bit confused because for most people when you drop what is known as the “Mother of All Bombs” on a nest of ISIS terrorists it is readily apparent to them that the strategy is to kill them. The fact that you further deny them any refuge and safe places to hide is the cherry on top. The biggest part of the strategy is psychological in that President Trump has sent a very clear message (All 20,000 pounds of it) to ISIS that they have been in fact playing the American JV team for the last 8 years and the varsity squad just took the field.

Director Josh Fox Wants to Bring Hugs to a Gun Fight

It wasn’t long after the US dropped the MOAB that brilliant military strategists like director Josh Fox began lecturing America that the correct way to defeat terrorism isn’t by killing those raging sociopaths hell bent on murdering your family and destroying your way life… it is with love. I have already covered this a few months back in my blog “You Don’t Bring Unconditional Love to a Gunfight”, but for those of you that missed it… Bombs and Bullets are very effective means of reducing the amount of terrorism. You see you kill the existing ones and it kind of discourages recruitment drives since terrorists are not out having bake sales.


Huffington Post Endorses Stripping White Men of Voting Rights

Need a way to solve all the worlds’ ills… Simple all you need to do according to The Huffington Post is take away voting privileges from white males… and confiscate a good portion of their wealth in the name of fairness. I did a lengthy write up on the insanity of this this idea in my blog “Liberal Logic – Fight Perceived Injustice with Real Injustice.” Well I for one can tell you that if they go this route you are going to have plenty of more “Transracial” men running around. If Rachel Dolezal can parade around and change her race then I guess I will just keep my voting rights.

Rachel Maddow Spends Half Her Day Beating Dead Russian Horses

Fox News Insider reports that “…analysis, conducted by The Intercept, found that over a recent six-week period – spanning 28 hours – Maddow spent at least 53 percent of the show on the topic.” For the math challenged this means that she has spent 14 and a half hours talking about a story over the last month and a half that was pretty much debunked when President Trump sided with human decency over killing women and children with chemical weapons. Of course this insane person had Lawrence O’Donnell on who was pushing the conspiracy theory that the chemical weapons attack and airstrikes were only about changing the media narrative.

McDonald’s Should Not Bring Szechuan Dipping Sauce Back… Because it is Racist

File this one under the category of really looking for something to find offensive… I mean anything… ok if dipping sauce is the best I can find then I guess I will turn on the outrage machine and run with it. Seriously? Do we not have real problems in society that we could focus our energies into solving instead of writing meandering blogs that belabor the point that Szechuan sauce from McDonald’s is not really Szechuan sauce that you would get from the actual Chinese province. I think most people know that as it is McDonalds for freaks sake.

Student Rep Resigns from Student Body… White Men Disagreed with Her

A Hamilton College student body representative resigned from her position and stated that “During last week’s meeting, many student representatives countered my argument that ‘the vast majority of members are white, straight, cis, upper-class men,’ by stating that 11 out of the 30 members are white men,” said Barnes. “While my assumption that these white men are also straight, cis, and upper class may be wrong, many people on campus perceive that Student Assembly is controlled by white males.” In a nutshell she quit because white males disagreed with her. Well I have some news for this student it is not going to get any better in the real world for you. People are going to disagree with you all the time in your professional life, but if you quit every time it happens you are going to have quite a bit of trouble paying rent.


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