Update: Turns out HuffPo got trolled and the article was actually written by a white male. According to Breitbart HuffPo initially defended the article after the outpouring of rage and only backtracked after they discovered that the author did not exist. HuffPo has since removed the article so my links below will not work. Yep no fake news there at HuffPo… seems legit. My article still stands since HuffPo was willing to stand behind it. Also HuffPo went after the person that trolled him eventually tracking him down at his job.

One of the reasons I am an avid reader of The Huffington Post is that I get to learn great things like all the world’s problems can be solved with more progressivism… well and disenfranchising white males for a period of 20 – 30 years and taking our wealth to be redistributed. Shelley Garland in her blog titled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” essentially postulates in her opinion that everything bad that has occurred over the last year can be laid squarely at the feet of the white male. Among these white male injustices that she is blaming us for are; England choosing sovereignty over collective globalist control, Americans choosing President Trump and economic strength over Hillary Clinton and more economic stagnation and “the Democratic Alliance would now be governing four of South Africa’s biggest cities.” I will be honest in that I do not know a thing about the last one, but the first two were referendums on liberty and freedom versus globalism and government control. In addition to 500 years of grievances for which I and other white males must atone she also incorrectly attributes “The influence of reckless white males as one of the primary reasons that led to the Great Recession which began in 2008.” This conveniently ignores the fact that the policies that led to the housing market crash were Leftists concepts and ushered in by Bill Clinton in an effort to force lending institutions to forgo lending requirements to increase home ownership rates among minorities.

The intellectually stunted SJW goes on to further state that “If white men no longer had the vote, the progressive cause would be strengthened. It would not be necessary to deny white men indefinitely – the denial of the vote to white men for 20 years (just less than a generation) would go some way to seeing a decline in the influence of reactionary and neo-liberal ideology in the world. This would also strike a blow against toxic white masculinity, one that is long needed.” As an intellectual exercise let’s imagine what the US would look like in 20-30 years if we stripped 31% of the US population from voting.

  • The Second Amendment would disappear. This would probably be the first thing on the Leftist agenda since we could not trust those reckless white males with weapons… not after we disenfranchised them and were planning to take their wealth to redistribute it to everyone else… you know for fairness because their great grandfather may or may not have done something horrible to someone else’s great grandfather.
  • We could essentially do away with the Senate and the Congress… they would not be really needed anymore since we would have fine activist judges making laws left and right about what feels right and dam the law.
  • We would probably begin to see Sharia courts spring up across the country. You know because those dam security conscious white males could no longer block your ability to open the flood gates to bringing in 3-4 million refugees over the first few years. I of course would find the irony pretty dam funny when I watch those Sharia courts stuff you in a hijab and strip you of your right to vote… you know because you’re a woman. After that it would pretty much be nonwhite males voting in those areas and at that point I am pretty sure I would not stand up to defend you… well because you took my guns.
  • I imagine we would probably move very quickly to toss open the borders and allow anyone who wanted to come to the US to come. No vetting, no rules just a wide open border and generous welfare state. I mean with unchecked migration and no rules and public assistance what could possibly go wrong. I am sure while you are willing to strip me of my right to vote you are not willing to remove my obligation to pay taxes and I am sure those would be a nice hefty 70 – 80% tax rate. I am sure that the vibrant government controlled catastrophe that we call an economy would resemble the mess that is occurring down in Venezuela… which in turn would handle that immigration problem.
  • The prisons would be overflowing… not with rapists, murders and traditional offenders. No the prisons would be full of those that violated PC laws… because you know to protect free speech we have to limit to only approved free speech. Of course anyone who pointed out how this new utopia was going to shit or essentially disagreed with the Left would be given over to the government reeducation system to drain us of our toxic masculinity.

I do not believe that white males are better than anyone, but the author does get one thing right when she writes, “It is no surprise that liberalism – and its ideological offshoots of conservatism and libertarianism – are the most popular ideologies among white males. These ideologies with their focus on individuals and individual responsibility, rather than group affiliation…” However, our affinity towards self-reliance is not to “allow white men to ignore the debt that they owe society” as she contents, but because we believe in equal opportunities and know that equal outcomes will never be achieved without a loss of liberty and freedom and a destruction of the individual. The outline above of bad things that would likely occur are not simply because you striped white males of the right to vote, but would likely occur in the event that you stripped the right to vote from 30% of those likely to vote conservative made up of any race/gender combination.

While the author is quick to point out any horror perpetrated by white males, she refuses to acknowledge the equal amount of contributions of white males in developing society and righting those wrongs caused by our fellow men. While racism and sexism still exist if we decline to admit that both of those issues are better today in American than they were 50 years ago we do a grave injustice for those that sacrificed for equality. I will freely admit that the US still has some work to do in both areas, but the way to solve a problem is not transferring the problem to someone else. The thinking that a perceived or real injustice that occurred generations ago manifests itself by negatively impacting someone’s ability to achieve is doing a great disservice to an entire generation. It is encouraging them to pick up the mantel of victim status and allowing them a scapegoat when they fail to achieve instead of teaching them that achievement is possible, but it takes planning and hard work. We see men of color and women of all races achieve success every day in America and instead of holding these examples up for the world to see of what is possible the Left would rather shackle and entire race/gender combination than admit utopia will never exist.

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