I have blogged several times on the ridiculousness of college leftists protesting speakers on college campuses, but I think they have finally gone a bridge to far with the students of Notre Dame spinning up the #NotMyCommencementSpeaker movement. Many of the students are saying that the schools choice for commencement speaker is making them feel “unsafe.” Who is this monster of the “Alt-Right” that has these precious little snowflakes howling in terror? Genghis Khan? Charles Manson? Josephs Stalin? Adolph Hitler? No it is not any of these mass murdering sociopaths… it is Vice President Michael Pence. Wait what? Seriously? Michael Pence who is perhaps the most polite and mild manner politician on the planet is the person that is making college students afraid? Seriously glad the school did not extend the invitation to President Trump or we may have seen an upswing in panic attacks on the campus.

So the new definition of fear is having to listen to someone speak with whom you may disagree. Quick get M. Night Shyamalan on the phone because I got his next script… based loosely on President Trump’s inauguration speech. (The twist is he won.) VP Pence is supposed to give the speech to people who are graduating college. People I would have assumed have been considered adults for some period of time. People I would have assumed have already been exposed to some sort of dissenting opinion. People I would have assumed have had their world view challenged. After all isn’t that supposed to be part of the reason for college… you know hearing information and facts to which you may not have been exposed. If we are tossing out the premise of students going to college to learn new things and to think critically then we should probably do away with the entire having to attend clases and just give everyone the participation paper as soon as they are accepted… and it save everyone some money.

We need to put some sanity back on the American college campus. We have done away with the concept of intellectual diversity in a mad rush to appease anyone who claims victim status. Students should be learning to study the opposition’s point of view so they can build arguments to counter in the arena of ideas. Simply refusing to listen to the dissenting opinion or throwing a childish fit because the person thinks differently than you proves how much we have failed this generation. We did not teach them the basics like the old adage about “Sticks and Stones”. We have clearly failed to teach them to be respectful of others. All that matters to these free speech destroying spoiled brats is that they feel safe… and by safe I mean not intellectually challenged and not forced to have to acknowledge the fact that the entire world does not agree with them. No instead of holding them accountable we have raise a generation that feel entitled to have every thought in their head validated because they are special little snowflakes who all think the same, act the same and try to terrorize anyone who would give voice to a different opinion.

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  1. […] the Vice President from giving the commencement address because as I have previously reported in “Notre Dame Students Protest VP Pence: An Avalanche of Stupidity” they were protesting his visit because they felt “unsafe”. If we let the subjective feelings […]



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