It seems that at least one a week I see some news coming out of the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia that makes me glad I got out when I did. In this week’s episode of California stupidity a California state senator proposed an amendment to Senate bill 30 to legalize discrimination against people or organizations… people or organizations that participates or works on the border wall. As the San Diego Union Tribune reports, “State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, said the amended Senate Bill 30 will prohibit the state from contracting with any person or organization that provides any goods or services for the wall.” Of course we are used to seeing virtue signaling bills being passed by all branches of California government where they threaten to not do business with states or companies within those states when those states pass legislation with which they disagree, but I think this might be the first time in which they are threatening actions against individuals.

Lara’s tried to disguise his reasoning behind ridiculous economic reasons when he tried to gain the California Chamber of Commerce’s support in a letter writing, “Another wall will delay cargo delivery, slow down business and take away valuable jobs.” Except he forgets to mention that every official port of entry into California from Mexico already has significant walls and security which residents and companies from both countries legally navigate with minimum disruption each and every day. No Lara building the wall will only delay the cargo delivery when that cargo is drugs, sex workers or humans. No Lara building the wall will only slow down businesses when they are cartels or brothels. No Lara building the wall will only take away jobs like drug smuggler, drug dealer, contract killer, pimp, coyote and professional scumbag. Anyone who is fighting so hard to keep people in business that exploits others is part of the problem.

If California is allowed to act in this manner how far off are we from California to simply discriminating against registered Republicans? Or Libertarians? Or generally anyone that doesn’t carry the dogmatic flag of progressivism? This California Senate bill amendment is nothing more than a way to punish anyone who is willing to work the US government is building a safer nation that follows the rules. It is a way for the Senators to virtue signal the extreme portions of the Democratic base who support unrestrained illegal immigration and globalization at the expense of the American taxpayer. No Lara if you do not want to increase border security to see all of American safe then I propose we start the border wall at the California Arizona border and instead of building it East we go North first so we can protect the rest of the country from your simpleminded policies that are leading the once great state of California into economic ruin.

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