President Trump promised on the campaign trail that we would get sick of winning. Well I certainly have not bagged my limit yet and every little win is especially sweet as I watch the Left either ignore it completely and not report it in mainstream media or utterly meltdown. Either way the truth will ultimately get out because even the media cannot hide everyone’s 401K and pay raises from them. The job growth numbers were pretty weak, but it looks as if this was impacted more by weather and one month does not make a trend. President Trump will get a lot of leeway for his reelection if the economic numbers keep climbing and because liberal tears are sweet like wine.

Illegal Immigration Lowest level in 17 years

What craziness is this… You begin enforcing the laws and people stop flooding over the border? Apparently in addition to hitting the 17 year low, illegal immigration has dropped 67% since the inauguration. I know the number will never be zero, but actually enforcing laws that are already on the books works. I guess President Trump must be a genius using what was already there. Now to build that wall and get a few more percentage points.

Trade Deficit Falls 10%

President Trump warned America that other countries were eating our lunch. We acted like we could care less about trade deficits and it showed in our economy as we continuously imported more than we exported. As global economies begin to stabilize from a strong US economic policy Breitbart reports, “The deficit fell to a seasonally adjusted $43.6 billion, lower than the $44.6 billion economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal had expected. Exports rose 0.2 percent to $192.9 billion in February while imports declined 1.8 percent to $236.4 billion, the Department of Commerce said Tuesday.” It is nice to have someone who understands the economy at the helm of the ship because as I wrote earlier this week, “It’s the Economy Stupid: The Numbers Don’t Lie, Obama was the Worst.”

Senate Goes Nuclear and Neil Gorsuch Confirmed

As I wrote earlier this week in “Cry Nuclear, Let Slip the Dogs of War”, Senate Republicans had no choice, but to remove the filibuster from Senate rules for SCOTUS confirmations if they ever wanted to push the court to defend the constitution. Most importantly this shows once again that President Trump is going to keep his campaign promises. He promised us a constitutional conservative for the court and with the help of Senate Republicans who showed some backbone we got one. With a couple more potential replacement picks over the next 3 and a half years we may just secure the second amendment four our children.

Trump Donates Salary to National Parks

President Trump promised not to take a salary and holding true to this The Gateway Pundit reports that he will be donating his first check of $78,333.32 to the National Park Service. I believe that the White House was soliciting suggestions on where the President should donate this money and I am glad it is going to a great cause.

Trump Tweet Vindicated… Sort Of…

Yes I know President Trump wasn’t “wiretapped”. As I wrote earlier in “Incidental Collection is the New Plausible Deniability” I have serious issues with Trump’s lack of precision with his tweets. Despite Don Lemon’s attempts to dissuade the American public that there is nothing behind the Susan Rice unmasking scandal, there really is something there. While this is not a complete vindication, it comes closer to being mostly vindicated with each passing revelation.

Consumer confidence hits 16 year High

If the American public does not have confidence in the economy it does poorly. Some outlets are trying to paint the 16 year high as a bad thing as usually right before a recession hits the confidence is high. I find this one a bit hard to believe and think this might just be an incidental correlation that confidence is high right before the bubble bursts.

500 Billion Error found in HUD Audit

Yes you read the title correctly. Ben Carson who many Democrats claimed was not qualified to lead the HUD initiated an audit and found that there was $500,000,000,000 in fraud and mismanagement. As The Gateway Pundit correctly reports the mainstream media was largely silent on this. (and I looked) I wonder if it is because those mainstream media outlets don’t know who to spell incompetent or criminal because both would fit in this case.

But wait Red State your list this week did not include President Trump dropping the hammer on Syria, what gives? Well as I wrote yesterday in “Sometimes You Need a Hammer in Syria” I am of two minds on this topic. I think whether this gets chalked up in the win column will not be known for a couple of months.

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