Trump – Russia. Trump – Russia. Trump – Russia. For the last six months this is all we have heard from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post and other left leaning media outlets. We know that the government intelligence community and law enforcement, the media, Democrats and hell even some Republicans have invested significant time over the last nine months investigating supposed connections between the Russians and the Trump campaign. In all this time and expended effort exactly zero pieces of evidence have been produced that actually prove any wrong doing. Meanwhile in the month since President Trump’s firebomb “wiretapping” tweet they have conclusively proven that the Trump team was surveilled by our government, that American citizens were unmasked in intelligence reports, there was an active campaign within the administration to disseminate this information as widely as possible and that this intelligence was illegally leaked. The outstanding questions that remain; was the surveillance, unmasking of citizens and dissemination of information legal. The key to answering these questions is of course knowing who authorized some of these actions.


On the day that several news sources all confirmed that Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice was the person responsible for the unmasking of American citizens in intelligence reports, one has to wonder why so many of the left leaning media outlets refused to run the story or worse set out to report the story in a manner to downplay its significance. Many “so called journalist” like our buddy Don Lemon even went as far to lecture their viewers on why this was a non-story and immediately went right back to the Trump – Russia well. What the hell is wrong with Don Lemon? For starters he is not a journalist. A journalist would make every effort to report the news in an unbiased fashion. When you begin lecturing your audience about what you believe to be news based upon your opinion you give up your right to be called a journalist. The real tragedy here is Don Lemon still considers himself a journalist despite him repeatedly acting like a partisan opinionist and a propagandist for the Democratic party.

Every time I get to a point where I think the media cannot get any more partisan they go to great lengths to prove me wrong. The media complains every day about President Trump lying and wonders how the American publican can trust his administration more than them. IT IS THIS EXACT SCENARIO. This is the reason why media credibility is in the crapper. The American people cannot trust you to simply report the news. We have come to expect that outlets like CNN will have a left leaning bias in their reporting, but now you ignoring news because it upsets you and is damaging to your God-Emperor Obama. This refusal to have intellectual honesty with yourself as an organization or the American people is reckless and dangerous. I have given up that media types like Don Lemon will ever understand me or average Americans living in the middle of the country. They will continue to incorrectly attribute my belief in small government, free market solutions, personal responsibility, rule of law and the constitution to the “ism” of the day and never realize that these values are driven by my love of country and desire to see it preserved for future generations. Oddly I have reached a point where I am fine with this and no longer feel the need to justify myself. No Don Lemon can go on being sanctimonious fake news and I and other Americans will continue to tune him out until he sinks into irrelevancy.

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