Month: March 2017

Tale of Two Headlines – NYT’s Case of Amnesia

Many of these pundits and media outlets, The New York Times included, have tried to brush off the tweets as nothing more than wild accusations cooked up by right wing conspiracy nuts. Now they might have a fair point if it was not for one small detail, the Breitbart story, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh all used left leaning media reports, including the NYT, to source their stories.

118 Days of Democratic Tears

New York Daily News Senior Justice Writer Shaun King took to twitter today to ask his followers a serious question today, which I will paraphrase for you, “Whaaaa Trump won the election how can we get rid of him now.” Seriously? Seriously? What the hell is the matter with you?

Week In Review – 7 Ways We See the Democrats Fighting Poorly

Last week we discussed how the Democrats are planning “Total War”, this week we see the continuation of exactly how low they are willing to go in order to take America over and remake it into the socialist utopia they dream about. Here are 7 ways they planned to go low, but actually ended up looking bad.

5 Ways Democrats Can Stop Sounding Stupid

The fact of the matter is the radical Left is more concerned about shutting down conversation in order to achieve victory and when those tactics do not work they quickly escalate through name calling, shouting down and recently all out violence in order to stifle opposing viewpoints. I enjoy discussions where reasonable well thought-out arguments are encouraged, but over the last couple of years I tend to get recycled talking points without any original ideas. Here are the five things that Democrats say that immediately cause me to mentally disengage because if they are using one of these phrases they have already lost the argument.

Natasha Come We Get Moose Now; The New Red Hysteria

Every action hides a sinister motive to usurp the will of the American voter. Russian agents infiltrating the highest levels of our government. A fetish fueled Manchurian candidate whose strings are being pulled by the Kremlin. A race against time to prevent the forces of evil from covering it all up. No this isn’t the plot of a recently found unpublished Tom Clancy novel. No this isn’t the Senate during the height of McCarthyism. Hell this isn’t even Boris saying, “Come Natasha we get moose now.” No this is what is being pedaled by mainstream media as legitimate reporting in 2017.

Trump Speech to Congress his Saratoga?

In an address to both houses of Congress that has been universally lauded by pundits from both sides of the aisle, President Trump may have stolen a march on the Democrats by doing exactly what they were not expecting, being Presidential. While President Trump appeared unifying and passionate as he laid out his policy agenda, Democrats looked like spoiled petulant children by comparison.

Out Here, Due Process is a Bullet

What is important for Democrats is that the calls for impeachment are made; made frequency and made loudly. To the Democrats, who have just declared “Total War”, the legal basis for impeachment is irrelevant. If you are able erode the trust of the public and hamstring the agenda of the President then an actual impeachment becomes a bonus prize. Make no mistake, Democrats know the likelihood of impeachment is low, but they will settle for a comatose Trump administration that is handicapped by legitimacy issues and they will ride roughshod over the American people to get there.