Month: March 2017

Week In Review – 6 Times Leftist Turned Themselves Into Clickbait

There are some weeks where I feel you can pull my palm prints off my forehead because the Left has done things so stupid it makes Conservative websites wet their pants in glee while writing the latest click bait title. At this point I firmly believe that their hatred of Trump has left them so discombobulated that they seriously can no longer think straight. Yes Trump is turning Leftists into the butt of every clickbait story and they are climbing into the pot and pulling the lid closed after them.

Mainstreaming the Rules for Radicals – 13 Ways the Left is Attempting to Destroy Trump

If you view the Trump Presidency and the Left’s stratagems for dealing with him through the periscope of Saul Allisky’s 1971 book Rules for Radicals then the picture is quite clear. Allisky’s work is a how to guide on how “Have-Notes” can gain power which describes the current Democratic party, without power. It is a collection of rules for sowing discontent, distrust and chaos and using these factors to rise to power. It is also the playbook that Democrats are using instead of legitimate ideas and policies.

When Did Patriotic Become a Dirty Word?

I relish the fact that I live in a country where I and every other American, whether by birth or legal immigration, can work hard and provide a good life for our families regardless of where we started. Is our system perfect? Hell No. Yes many Americans have starting blocks that are further back, but the key is everyone gets to run the race, and if you run with all your heart your children get to start a bit closer to everyone else when it is their turn to race. This is the secret sauce that makes America the land of unapologetic exceptionalism.

Teflon Don Rides Again

However, before Maddow’s big reveal in typical Donald Trump fashion the President took the wind out of her sails by releasing said 2005 tax returns first. Despite the tax returns being available many still tuned in to Maddow’s show to watch a winding diatribe where she references some ominous links and then revealed to our astonishment… that Donald Trump is a rich man who pays a lot in taxes… wah… waah… waaah. Soon after the show thousands of people in a show of support took up the hashtag #ThankYouMaddow to tweet inspirational pictures of dumpsters on fire.

No Scales for Social Justice – Suffocating Truth with Safe Spaces

The world is not fluffy pillows and unicorns but full of truth. Truth is a sharp edge, but the wounds it can cause do not bleed and will not scar if you are properly prepared to hear it. It is not the purpose of college to inoculate students against the truth by locking it away amid piles of discarded scales, books and ideas in a room marked danger. It is not society’s purpose to isolate our youth from the truth by erecting walls of politically correct culture around speech with which people do not agree.

Lost in Transition – Is the Trump Administration Behind?

Is a lie of omission the same as reporting something that is false or is it simply bias when facts are conveniently forgotten? In a recent NYT article “Trump Lets Key Offices Gather Dust Amid ‘Slowest Transition in Decades’”, the reporter seem to leave out several items and report only from the typical NYT perspective which is obviously Anti-Trump. In this article they attribute the slowness of the transition to dysfunctional and self-inflicted strategies of the administration, but is this a wholly fair and accurate assessment of the situation?

Week in Review: 7 Young Leftists Make Good Choices… ahhh Hell Never Mind!

I am sure when parents send their children out into the world they want nothing, but the best for their budding young adults. Here are seven stories of young leftist in action that are so face palmingly stupid I am sure that every time these young SJWs leave the house the parents seriously consider moving and changing their names. They must be so proud and desperately trying to get a Go Fund Me page started to escape the little monsters that they created.

Trump Economic Sonic Boom

The Obama economic plan did just kick into overdrive as he walked out the door. No these are numbers you start getting when consumer confidence goes up. These are numbers you get when businesses begin investing in the futures of their companies because they have certainly that they will not be regulated out of the market. These are numbers that you get when investors feel like the money they make they will be able to keep. Creating business friendly environments, reducing burdensome regulations and embracing capitalism is how you jump start the engine of economic power.

Six Degrees of Nazification

This contorted logic allows the liberal the peace of mind to try to silence any opposition and simply punch anyone who disagrees with them because they must be… a Nazi. It is the most perverse form of guilt by association when we disparage organizations and individuals based upon connections that are imaginary or tenuous at best. We have known for a while that college campuses were safe spaces for liberal propaganda and hostile to conservative viewpoints, but this is an intellectual fail of epic proportions.

What Our Daughters Need To Hear

Here is your first and only lesson on the 77 cents out of a $1 gender pay gap… It is not a thing. Yes it is exists if you combine all women across all careers and compare them against all men across all careers. While this may be technically accurate it is certainly intellectually dishonest because it does not account for the major variables that have a real impact on income like career choice, number of hours worked or inherent danger of the job in question.