It has been a very eventful week with drama on SCOTUS confirmation, healthcare reform drama, bombshell spying revelations and the typical leftist nonsense that is becoming all too common place. Seriously many of the stories I am including this week I would have I would have probably don’t a serious double take a couple of years ago just seeing the headlines, but today it is a shrug and sigh of resignation.

It is Time to Put CNN Out of Its Misery

CNN is completely mystified on why people do not trust them. Seriously… they are. They do not understand how the average American could find President Trump more credible than them. I mean they cut feeds of guests who say anything that does not tow the party line and frequently report Very Fake News. For instance they ran an entire segment speculating on if DJT was afraid of stairs because he uses common sense practices like looking where he is going and using the handrails… Well you know only Nazis and Fascists use handrails.


Legal Background? We don’t need no stinking legal background

CBS Political Correspondent said that “SCOTUS Needs No Legal Background”, well CBS political correspondents apparently don’t need a brain. No sense in spending all those years studying the law, practicing as both an attorney and a judge when all along we should have just been appointing Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski. If we seriously thought we had a problem with activist judges already wait until we put someone on the court that has never read the constitution. And I used to foolish think Idocracy was just a movie.


Cosmo waxes poetic on Constitutional Originalism

If you are reading Cosmopolitan for legal advice… please stop reading my blog there is zero chance for you. The magazine which is far better known for articles on hair tips and orgasms really stepped outside their core competency with “9 Reasons Constitutional Originalism is Bulls***.” Ben Shapiro did a great piece debunking them over at the Daily Wire.

Facebook Live Gang Rape

In a disturbing event that is becoming all too common a group of boys allegedly assaulted and raped a 15 year old girl… and streamed it live to the world via Facebook. It appears that around 40 people watched the crime occur, but did nothing about it, once again proving that there are some real scumbags in the world. Everyone of those people who watched and did nothing is just a guilty as the perpetrators and there should be some nice long prison sentences handed out all around. Reported by the Daily Wire.

How to beat up students and get away with it

For many teachers it is all about the children… sadly in Antonio Mankini’s case it is all about hitting the children. James O’Keefe once again outing another douchebag loser hiding in plain site… or in this guys case as a teacher’s union official. In the below video he fesses up to hitting a kid and making it look like an accident. Further proof we need to provide teachers with tenure after 2 years, automatic non-merit based pay raises, lower standards for credentialing and zero oversight by the parents… actually it is cases exactly like this that we need to no provide these things.


Welcome to America… Please Vote Illegally

In what can only be filed under WTF, the Democratic Party of Nebraska included voter registration forms in refugee welcome baskets. News Flash Democrats refugees are not eligible to vote unless they become citizens. Still the Democrats will continue to fight tooth and nail to prevent voter ID laws because then it would make it harder for these refugees to illegally vote. They always claim it is to prevent disenfranchisement of minorities, but everyone has some form of identification that is living in America. You seriously cannot do anything without one and they are easily obtained and quite affordable. The next time you hear a Democrat going on about the evils of requiring an ID to vote think back to who is illegally handing out voter registration forms.

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