I do not think that ALL Muslims are terrorists. There I made it the very first sentence so you bleeding heart Leftists will see it and you can save your time writing me your stupid emails. You want to have a discussion try the comments below instead of clogging up my inbox with your cowardly emails. Now that I made my obligatory disclaimer time to get down to business.

We are at war. You can try to deny it, but it is apparent that some portion of Radicalized Muslims are waging war against our culture and our citizens. They are actively seeking ways to kill us, intimidate us into submission or tear down our societies. They are serious and committed as seen by their willingness to kill and die for their beliefs. There are many among us who will not acknowledge this fact nor even allow the discussion to take place in the name of diversity and tolerance. Rather than risk giving offense they will willingly allow themselves to be led to the slaughter and expect that we will all follow their shining example all the way to the gallows.

We are at war. While we use hashtags, candlelight vigils, FaceBook virtue signaling, flowers, teddy bears and unconditional love as our weapons of choice they are playing for keeps and their methods for waging war are decidedly more lethal. Radicalized Muslims are not picky on how they kill us it only matters that they do. Until we can come to terms with this and have these necessary debates and move to stop this madness the attacks will only continue and the Leftist Quislings will carry on defending the indefensible and obfuscating the danger.

We are at war and we are losing. We may be taking land on the physical battlefield, but we are losing in the war of hearts and minds. We are not losing the battle of ideas because they are lessor, but we are abdicating the field in the name of diversity and tolerance. Radical Islamists are not immigrating to embrace our cultural values or even accept them as equals to theirs, but they seek to migrate their doctrine of hate from their homes to ours. Many will never allow us to live in peace though we open our countries, our homes and our hearts and invite them freely to live among us.

We are at war and we are losing. While the vast majority of Muslims would never commit a terrorist act there are surprising percentages of Muslims that show favorable support for ideas that are incompatible with ours. This type of support for some beliefs shows that there are those among what would be considered the moderate Muslim that would willingly look the other way when violence is perpetrated against us or our human rights to be violated. The fact that nearly every week the #NotAllMuslims trends on social media should be a very clear indicator that there are serious issues with some portion of Muslims. We are fighting an enemy that doesn’t care if they fall, as long as they take us down with them.

We are at war and we will continue to lose until we use our greatest weapon… the truth. The Truth is not all Muslims are peaceful. We should not only come to terms with this fact, but openly acknowledge and support those Muslims that would stand shoulder to shoulder with us against the tide of violence washing up on our shores. Protecting our country, families and way of life should not be considered racist, Islamaphobic or xenophobic. Asking for open dialogue and debate should never be vilified. It should be within our rights to refuse to accept the oppressive nature and intolerance of Sharia Laws in our communities. Make no mistake we are at war and we cannot hide from it. I am not advocating violence against anyone except those currently fighting for ISIS. I am saying that we need to begin talking about the realities. To that end here are some facts to jump start that conversation.

Muslim Beliefs about Sharia – I will not go through every country, but will focus on Afghanistan. Almost every Muslim country that this Pew Research Study includes is similar in their beliefs about Sharia law. This is important because these views do not magically change simply because they migrate to a western country. These are core beliefs, some of which are diametrically opposed to our values and cultures.

  • 73% of Muslims says that Sharia is the revealed word of God. – Nothing wrong with this.
  • 67% of Muslims say there is only one interpretation of Sharia. – Would imagine that Jewish and Christians are pretty similar percentage wise.
  • 99% of Muslims say they favor making Islamic law the official law of their country. – Wait… what? Okay a bit disturbing intertwining religion and law.
  • 61% of Muslims say that Sharia law should apply to both Muslims and Non-Muslims. – And here is where things get really concerning…
  • 78% Muslims say that Religious judges should decide family or property disputes. – So we have established Sharia as the law of the land and it applies to Non-Muslims, but this expands the power of the Sharia courts… a bit more concerned now.
  • 81% Muslims favor corporate punishment for crimes like theft. – Officially very concerned at this point.
  • 85% Muslims favor stoning as a punishment for adultery. – And here we have gone outright incompatible with western civilization.
  • 79% Muslims favor death as the penalty for leaving Islam. – Religion of peace?


Quick look at young Muslims views towards suicide bombing in European countries for those that might say that the above is only those Muslims living in Muslim majority countries. Also done by Pew Research. (Spoiler Alert it is surprisingly favorable.)

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