I am sure when parents send their children out into the world they want nothing, but the best for their budding young adults. Here are seven stories of young leftist in action that are so face palmingly stupid I am sure that every time these young SJWs leave the house the parents seriously consider moving and changing their names. They must be so proud and desperately trying to get a Go Fund Me page started to escape the little monsters that they created.

Girl loses mind at Pro Trump Rally

It is bound to happen to every young leftist, they are living in their bubbles of ironic hate and discrimination when one of those pesky little opposing viewpoints sneaks past their shields of confirmation bias and Vox news and they simply lose their freaking minds. Enter this young lady who attempts to disrupt a Pro Trump rally with her articulate speech and impenetrable logic. Some people are just not cut out for political debate.


Clemson University is Full of C.U.N.Ts

Oh wait… It is not what you are thinking. Apparently the university group Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple (CUNT) announced plans to perform a live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice at their “CUNT Afterlife Party” commemorating the building of a new campus chapel. I hear that there is a ton of cognitive dissonance on the campus today as many students are both PETA members and CUNTs and are having a difficult time figuring out how to square pissing off anyone who is religious with the brutal ritual sacrifice of the delicious I mean innocent lamb and their desire to go out of their way to piss off anyone who is a meat eater.

Latina Students Demand White Girls Take Off Your Hoops and Give Me Gas Money

Latina students from liberal bastion Pitzer University have demanded that white girls stop wearing hoop earnings because it is a form of cultural appropriation. They argued that the hooped earrings and other accessories are symbolic of their journey of oppression from the ghetto to the sixty-six thousand dollar a year university. In other news 18 th century pirates have demanded that the Women of Color from Pitzer university stop wearing their hoops because they are tired of people culturally appropriating their pirate appearance. As if the above was not enough insanity for a single week at one university a Latina student also demanded “white allies” give her gas money for spring break due to their participation in “genocide and enslavement of our people” or some other such nonsense.

So Stupid I Now Need a Nap…

Ah the college experience… where one goes to be exposed to new ideas, figure out your place in the world, learn how to be an adult, deal with the pressures of the real world and at Southern Illinois University participate at a Nap-In so they can dream about diversity… Wait… What? Seriously with all the whining, crying, playdough, juice boxes and now naps it is really beginning to get difficult distinguishing between the modern university campus and a preschool.

Students Think It is a Good Idea to Use Loan Money for Spring Break

The Daily Caller recently reported that in a recent survey 30% of university students are planning on using their student loan money for spring break trips this year. Student Loans are federally subsidized so while you are stuck in your cubicle working your fingers to the bone some snot nosed bottom feeder will traveling to an erotic location to pound copious amounts of tequila and make some really bad choices all supported by your tax dollars. Isn’t American Grand? It’s okay because 50% of these morons also think that at some point their student loan debt will be forgiven. This only proves that 30% of college students should not be given a loan, but that is okay because 50% of them are too dumb to be in college anyways.

Protesting for Protesting Sake – Doesn’t really matter what

The modern Leftist will pretty much protest anything nowadays it really does not matter what. You’re eating a Fudgesicle… you racist. You’re trying to find a home for a box of kittens… patriarchy. Cutting the grass and trimming the hedges… fascist. At a recent woman’s day march the Daily Caller sent out a reporter to find out their views on the “Mexico City Policy” which bans American tax dollars being used to fund pro-abortion programs in other countries. Of course being dialed into all the issues these feminists… had no freaking idea what the policy was until they called it by it’s much more sinister sounding marketing focused group name… The Global Gag Order.


Rapists are victims too?

Remember a couple of weeks back when the Left mocked President Trump about his Sweden remark and then while sitting very smugly and patting themselves on the back it exploded in riots. Everything is just honky dory in Sweden… so good in fact when migrant students gang rape another student they don’t even both expelling them from school because rapists are victims too. Yes you heard that right. The 14 year old girl that was gang raped was forced to transfer schools… presumably so she would not offend her sexual predator classmates with her mere presence reminding them daily of their CRIME.

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