The mainstream media outlets do not like President Trump as evidenced by the 88% negative coverage during his first month in office. This trend is bound to continue as the economic numbers from the Trump Presidency begin to roll in many Democrats and media outlets are trying to bend over backward to avoid giving credit where it is due. Leftist media types you can try thank Mr. Obama, but everyone will know you are lying. The Obama economic plan did just kick into overdrive as he walked out the door. No these are numbers you start getting when consumer confidence goes up. These are numbers you get when businesses begin investing in the futures of their companies because they have certainly that they will not be regulated out of the market. These are numbers that you get when investors feel like the money they make they will be able to keep. Creating business friendly environments, reducing burdensome regulations and embracing capitalism is how you jump start the engine of economic power. No the Trump train is rolling and I think I just heard the SONIC BOOM!!!

Let’s review some positive news for a change:

  • 235,000 Jobs created in February. 45,000 more than the expected 190,000. CNBC
  • 58,000 New construction jobs added Most in a decade. CNBC
  • Average hourly earnings up by 2.8% on annualized basis. Haven’t see a good healthy increase like this in a while. CNBC
  • Jobs gains skewed towards full time employment. Under Obama we trade manufacturing jobs for McJobs. CNBC
  • Number of Americans not in the labor force went from the record of 95,102,000 in last December to 94,190,000 in February. This is perhaps the best trend. CNS News
  • 28,000 Manufacturing Jobs were added last month. This one is important because these were the jobs that Obama said that we had to face the reality that they were gone and were simply never coming back. CNS News
  • Job Gains Averaged 209,000 per month over last three months. Positive growth. Reuters
  • “Goods-producing industries, which include mining, construction and manufacturing, added 95,000 jobs in February, the most since 2000.” Let me do some quick math… ok now carry the one… Yep confirmed, before Obama. Bloomberg
  • US debt down by over 60 Billion since inauguration. What making the government cost less? Gateway Pundit
  • Dow nearly 14% return and S&P 500 10.5 % gain since Trump’s election. MarketWatch
  • “Trump is enjoying the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s best performance in the initial 50 days of a presidential term since Bill Clinton’s first term in 1993” MarketWatch

This is not the economic apocalypses that Democrats and left leaning pundits have been predicting since Trump’s election, it is in fact the opposite. This is people getting back to work. Not the service retail jobs that the Obama administration churned out, but real jobs that help fuel our economy. This is people’s 401Ks making money and their retirements solidifying. This is companies expanding, new businesses starting and the reawaking of optimism for Americans that for far too long have been forgotten. This is great news for all Americans. It is a good thing and thank God that we have the top notch reporters at The New York Times on the case or else we may have missed the below gem where instead of reporting on the much higher than expected job reports, they were instead concerning themselves that Sean Spicer has commented on the new numbers 38 minutes earlier than they should have. (Unbelievable that these people are outraged over a comment 38 minutes early, but not outraged when someone overstays their visa by 38 months.)

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Sean Spicer called the jobs report “great news” 22 minutes after its release. A federal rule bars comment for 1 hour <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; The New York Times (@nytimes) <a href=”″>March 10, 2017</a></blockquote>


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