Today the Daily Caller ran an article that was a follow-up to an earlier story that they had published on the Santa Clara University student senate decision to reject Turning Points USA and block them from becoming a student organization on campus. The reasoning that was given by opponents at the time was that their presence on campus would make people feel “unsafe”. According to Turning Points USA it is an organization that promotes “fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government.” While many of the campus Left vehemently oppose any discussion on the above topics that include a conservative viewpoint they cite the organization’s Professor Watchlist as the primary reason that it should be excluded from campus. The Professor Watchlist is an online database that captures user submitted data on professors that some students feel may “discriminate against conservative students…”

In a surprising move the Santa Clara University vice provost Jeanne Rosenberger overturned the decision of the student senate and granted Turning Points USA status as a registered student organization. Que the irrational leftist outrage… In an angry letter to the school paper student David Warne cited a university employee provided PowerPoint entitled “White Nationalist, Alt-Right & Other Groups on College Campuses” where he essentially accused Turning Points USA of being a fascist organization. His evidence?

“The order of the presentation goes like this: White Nationalists—>Alt-Right—>Identity Evropa—>Richard Spencer—>Milo Yiannopoulos—>Turning Point USA,” Warne wrote in an email.

Wait… What? So some ignorant racists supported some stupid extreme right wing groups, who appeared at a march with some other ignorant racists, who had some involvement with a nut job who said something complementary about a controversial gay Jewish guy on Twitter, who at some point was invited to speak publicly to a campus chapter and this is your evidence of fascism? This is the twisted mind of the liberal left. By this logic, or more accurately lack thereof, they can essentially label anyone or anything a Nazi and all is right in their world. Kevin Bacon was in the Following with James Purefoy, who was in A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger, who once purchased drugs from a scumbag, who was known to occasionally frequent the same gym as Richard Spencer, who is associated with White National Groups… thus Kevin Bacon is a Nazi… BOOM… mind blown. Clearly Kevin Bacon is NOT a Nazi, but we wonder why we have had the recent rash of violent explosions on college campuses… well answer given.

This contorted logic allows the liberal the peace of mind to try to silence any opposition and simply punch anyone who disagrees with them because they must be… a Nazi. It is the most perverse form of guilt by association when we disparage organizations and individuals based upon connections that are imaginary or tenuous at best. We have known for a while that college campuses were safe spaces for liberal propaganda and hostile to conservative viewpoints, but this is an intellectual fail of epic proportions. Someone, ideally his parents, needs to go onto that campus and remove young David’s tin foil hat. Once done they need to march him over to the administration office and demand his money back because this institution of “higher learning” has clearly failed in their duty to teach him any logic or critical thinking skills. If anything campuses need more organizations like Turning Points USA teaching financial responsibility not less, especially when 30% of students believe taking out more in student loan debt to go on spring break is a good idea.

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