In honor of a day without a woman I thought I would devote today’s blog to a topic important to women everywhere, pay equality. Here is your first and only lesson on the 77 cents out of a $1 gender pay gap… It is not a thing. Yes it is exists if you combine all women across all careers and compare them against all men across all careers. While this may be technically accurate it is certainly intellectually dishonest because it does not account for the major variables that have a real impact on income like career choice, number of hours worked or inherent danger of the job in question. Once those variables are accounted for in the comparison the “gender pay gap” becomes almost negligible. Being a male I know I do not have the woman “street cred” on this topic so I will rely on Christina Hoff Sommers from PragerU to make my point.


The Daily Caller recently reported that Gender and Woman’s Studies degrees have increased 300% since 1990. While I am sure many of the students enjoy these classes one has to ask what exactly are these degrees doing to prepare their graduates for what they will face in the working world. It certainly is not a basic understanding of supply and demand because the students would immediately realize that the number of employers that are actively searching for candidates that hold Gender and Woman’s Studies degrees is not very large. While I am not saying that this particular degree does not have some merit, I am saying that if this was your major then be prepared for a career in teaching, social work or victim counseling, all professions that do not make very much in comparison to STEM careers.

We all have to face the facts that Gender and Woman’s Studies degrees are the Art History of our time. While there will be individuals that will land jobs that are both rewarding and compensate them well, this will be the exception and not the rule as the demand simply is not there for people with this degree. I believe that women have made incredible contributions to our world and will continue to do so for as long as the world spins. I believe that women should be treated equally and with respect, but honesty in any conversation is important. If we truly want to level the playing field for our daughters and ensure equality in pay then we need to stop teaching them Gender and Woman’s Studies and instead teach them about computer programing, business administration and engineering.

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