Unless you’re a bridge troll living down by the river you have probably heard that President Trump unleashed a series of tweets Saturday alleging that former President Obama “tapped his phones” while he was still Candidate and then later President Elect Trump. As per standard operation procedure the Leftist disinformation brigade of mainstream media and former Obama administration officials rushed out to get on TV and begin damage control. Immediately they began to dismiss the claims even going as far as to attribute the that “Mr. Trump’s demand for a congressional investigation appears to be based, at least in part, on unproven claims by Breitbart News and conservative talk radio hosts that secret warrants were issued authorizing the tapping of phones of Mr. Trump and his aides at Trump Tower in New York.” Many of these pundits and media outlets, The New York Times included, have tried to brush off the tweets as nothing more than wild accusations cooked up by right wing conspiracy nuts. Now they might have a fair point if it was not for one small detail, the Breitbart story, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh all used left leaning media reports, including the NYT, to source their stories.

Much of the recent reporting on the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government has been heavily sourced from anonymous intelligence or government sources. Some of these stories either directly use the words “wiretapping” and similar phrases or make reference to materials like transcripts of telephone calls which would only be available had the call been recorded and then transcribed. While many media outlets and pundits are semantically twisting themselves in knots to debunk the story and fact check the President, they failed to adequately fact check themselves. Where… oh… where could the President have gotten the crazy idea that either Trump Tower or his campaign may have been wiretapped? If only we could go back to the genesis of a story like this and figure out how it might have possible began… oh wait… thank you internet. Behold the NYT reports “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides”.


The past couple of days many of the talking heads and left leaning media have been dismissive of President Trump’s claims. The NYT own Michael S. Schmidt the author of the above article which appeared on inauguration day has even gotten into the act with his latest article “Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trump’s Wiretapping Claim” where he essentially suggests that Mr. Trump’s claim is unfounded as he compares to an earlier Trump claim of voter fraud. Nowhere in this article does he mention his earlier article where he essentially lays out the case that some members of the Trump campaign by his own words were “wiretapped”. See this is why Americans have lost faith in the media. You want to play semantic games with the truth. Unnamed sources are good for articles about Trump/Russian collusion, but are bad for articles on potential Obama administration executive overreach? This is a situation where wiretapping was a good thing, until it wasn’t.

The truth is that the Russian/Trump collusion theory has been investigated for months despite not a single concrete piece of evidence being uncovered. They have used leak after leak to spread rumor and innuendo with a couple of media outlets releasing outright lies under the guise of journalism. When the script gets flipped and Mr. Trump wants to use the liberal’s own media reporting to investigate his own claim they cannot seem to scramble away from that original reporting fast enough or remember that it even exists. It is not like the Obama administration has been caught in abuses of power previously like IRS targeting of Conservative groups or spying on members of the press… oh wait yes they have. So we have a previous administration that has proved willing to cross the line, liberal media reporting that essentially confirms what Mr. Trump has said and a cadre of talking heads playing semantic games and you do not think this needs to be an investigated? The Trump administration has essentially said put up or shut up when they asked that this investigation be combined with the Russian collusion investigation. It appears that he has nothing to hide, but I am not so sure the left can say the same thing.

Just because it is a good watch here is Mark Levin laying out his case.

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