New York Daily News Senior Justice Writer Shaun King took to twitter today to ask his followers a serious question today, which I will paraphrase for you, “Whaaaa Trump won the election how can we get rid of him now.” Seriously? Seriously? What the hell is the matter with you? I find this deeply concerning for two reasons. 1) How did you get a reporting gig where you comment on and report on both social issues and political concerns and not understand the basic civics that underlies your question? 2) It has been 118 days since he has been elected President. This has been more than ample time for you to get over it and accept the fact that for the next 1,395 days President Trump will be your President. Additionally, I would have hoped that if this was indeed a valid concern you might have done something like… I don’t know… maybe cracked open the constitution and given it a quick read.

Shaun King’s ignorance in this area is indicative of the political Left and the lack of Civics education that our children now receive in school. For Shaun King’s future reference there are only two ways that the power of the Presidency will be transferred prior to the next election.

  • Impeachment – Not likely at this point since there seems to be very little actual evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign Team and the Russians despite the massive hysteria coming from the Media and the Left. Additionally, the impeachment would require at least 50% of the members of the House of Representatives to bring the case to the Senate. Once in the Senate a trial would be held and it would require 2/3 of the Senate to convict. Since at this point in time I do not see Democrats regaining majorities in either chamber it would have to take a massive screw up on the part of President Trump for this to happen. Here let me Google this for you.
  • Article 25 of the Constitution. This article essentially lays out the ways in which the Presidential power is transitioned in the event of the President’s death or removal from office. In a non-death related scenario it requires that the Vice President be on board. Once again not a likely scenario. Here let me Google this for you.

Do we honestly believe that Shaun King did not know this? It is plausible that he was thinking that maybe there was some magical Leftist loophole that would allow them to run a recall election as if this was a board member of your local home owner’s association. Maybe he believes in Unicorns as well. I would hope that his post was not a dog whistle to the Left to elicit fantasies of an assassination attempt. Regardless, in the end it is another sad attempt to postpone reality for a little while longer. 118 days of Democratic tears and what does the Left have to show for it… Nothing. President Trump is your President and if the Left continues to act outside of reality then there is a good chance he will still be your President come 2024 as well.



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  1. The United States is obviously not a place for this “journalist”, with our tyrannical constitution and rule of law. It would be in his best interest to escape now.

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    1. Yeah I cringed when I wrote the word “journalist” simply because I would think the ability to research a topic would be one of the key requirements. I truly believe that his end game is to see our society ripped into shreds.



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