Last week we discussed how the Democrats are planning “Total War”, this week we see the continuation of exactly how low they are willing to go in order to take America over and remake it into the socialist utopia they dream about. Here are 7 ways they planned to go low, but actually ended up looking bad.

1. Sarah Silverman’s Tweet So Stupid It Hurts

In this week episode of Sarah Silverman Swastika Hunter she retweets a Shaun King tweet that had displayed some racial graffiti which of course included swastikas and to which she attributed to a Trump supporter. Turns out it the perpetrator was a non-Caucasian special education needs student. Her batting average on finding a real swastika created by a real racist is still at 0.0000, but one of these days you better believe she is going to find one.

2. Protesters Plot to Usurp Townhalls

All the people that showed up to save Obamacare were legitimate protesters who showed up on their own. This was completely spontaneous grassroots and there were not coordinating groups… Wait someone recorded us coordinating to disrupt townhalls to sell the narrative of the overwhelming support for Obamacare. Look there were probably some legitimate protesters at these townhalls, but some portion of this was manufactured to gain sympathy with the news and to put pressure on Republicans to distance themselves from President Trump. What each of these lawmakers need to remember was for many of them the Tea Party organized to get them into party and the Tea Party will not hesitate to organize to replace them if they fail.


3. Democrats Sit during Ovation to War Hero Widow

You may have heard about the President giving a speech this week to both houses of Congress… The Democrats decided to not boycott, but they might as well have since they did their best statue impressions throughout refusing to applaud pretty much everything including when the rest of the chamber honored the widow of a fallen Sailor with a 3 minute standing ovation. As Matt Walsh wrote in The Blaze, “If we were to judge their positions by the things they declined to applaud, we must arrive at the conclusion that Democrats are staunchly opposed to the flag, God, the law, job creation, and military widows, and enthusiastically in favor of drug addiction, terrorism, crime, unemployment, and murder.” Nancy Pelosi of course thought they were dignified… well as dignified as you can be sitting on your hands.


4. Maxine Waters will fight the President’s Budget and Policies… When She Sees them…

Maxine Waters sat out the President’s address to Congress this week in protest. In the lead up to President Trump’s speech she vowed to fight only engage the President when it was time to fight his budget and policies. The only problem is he has not released them yet. Are we honestly just sending people to serve in Congress to say no or do we still want to send reasonable people to Congress that will listen to the other side and roll up your sleeves and get down to the business of governing. Saying admittedly that you are going to fight something you have not seen yet is nothing short of stupid. Well the best thing I can say about California is Maxine Waters is their self-inflicted gunshot wound.


5. Private Meetings on Airport Tarmacs Good – Public Meetings on the Record Bad?

The Cryptkeeper is back in the spotlight, this time going after another Trump loyalist Attorney General Sessions. While most people generally agree that then Senator Sessions answered the question truthfully in the context of question he was asked during his confirmation hearing we have Pelosi calling for his resignation. A reporter asks what if this is different than when AG Lynch meet with Bill Clinton privately on a tarmac while his wife was under federal investigation and she responds with the parroted lie that they only talked about grandchildren. Yeah I often deboard airplanes and board another one simply to chat about mundane things instead of oh I don’t know using the phone. The relevant part where she dances around the question is 6 minutes into the video. One interesting thing to note that I did not see reported on is her complaining about the secret Republican bill to scrap Obamacare and how it needs to be reviewed or it should not be passed. You will of course remember that she famously said of Obamacare that they needed to pass it in order to know what was in it.


6. I Have Never Met with The Russians… Wait I have Only Met with the Russians Twice…

Where Did you Get That Picture? Oh the Internet… Senator McCaskill from Missouri (Full disclosure I did not live here the last time she was voted in thankfully) went on about never meeting with the Russian ambassador in her 10 years as a Senator. The problem is that she kind of did…

And because the internet is forever and Senator McCaskill is not that bright, people found these. Opps… She of course tried to walk back her earlier tweet, but I guess if we are going to hold her to the same standards then I demand her resignation.

7. Bias? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bias…

According to the Daily Caller 88% of media coverage for President Trump’s first 30 days in office was negative. This means 12% was neutral or positive for the Trump administration. You have to go out of your way to have this kind of bias because you would think they could trip over stories that would swing that percentage up to 20%. At this point they are not even trying to give the appearance of unbiased anymore. Sadly they are wondering why no one trusts them.

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