Just last week Democrats declared “Total War” against the Trump administration and while they looked to be settling in for a protracted siege of everything Trump, he may have scored a decisive victory that will set back Democrat’s ambitions of stopping or even slowing the Trump agenda in the near term. In an address to both houses of Congress that has been universally lauded by pundits from both sides of the aisle, President Trump may have stolen a march on the Democrats by doing exactly what they were not expecting, being Presidential. While President Trump appeared unifying and passionate as he laid out his policy agenda, Democrats looked like spoiled petulant children by comparison.

President Trump’s speech was so good in fact that even very vocal critics like Rachel Maddow and Van Jones were forced to concede the point with Jones going as far as saying, “He became the President in that moment.” Americans would tend to agree with this assessment as a CNN/ORC Poll showed a 78% positive reaction to the speech. Additionally, it appears that President Trump also managed to garner a 69% agreement that this was the right direction and a 63% agreement that the priorities were right for the country. While Americans seemed to be getting on the Trump Train and finding common ground for the President’s agenda the Democrat message to Americans last night was they disagreed, with everything. They refused to applaud even those lines which should always garner bipartisan support and several of the leadership (Ellison and Pelosi we are looking at you) were caught sitting on their hands when the widow of a Navy Seal was honored to a standing ovation for her husband’s sacrifice. Matt Walsh of The Blaze may have said it best, “If we were to judge their positions by the things they declined to applaud, we must arrive at the conclusion that Democrats are staunchly opposed to the flag, God, the law, job creation, and military widows, and enthusiastically in favor of drug addiction, terrorism, crime, unemployment, and murder.”

For the Democrats, much like the British at Saratoga, this is an embarrassing defeat. This was a victory that they all but assured as they planned to use various techniques to “troll” the President at the address. While Democrats have invested much of their political capital and time building the narrative that President Trump could only be divisive and aggressive, this speech laid bare that claim as false. It exposed a weakness for Democrats on an ideological front because at this point in time more Americans may agree with the President than them. Up to this point the Democrats have had some success in delegitimizing the Trump administration, but much like the American victory at Saratoga which solidified America as a country in the eyes of the France, this speech may have solidified Donald Trump as the America President in the eyes of the world.

Posted by redstateronin

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