“Among other common lies, we have the silent lie – the deception which one conveys by simply keeping still and concealing the truth. Many obstinate truth-mongers indulge in this dissipation, imagining that if they speak no lie, they lie not at all.” – Mark Twain

It seems that everyone is talking about “Fake News” and President Trump’s war with mainstream media where he has gone as far as to label them an enemy of the American people. President Trump is claiming that those outlets are not reporting fairly on his administration and those outlets are demanding the right to hold him accountable. While I can see both sides of the issue I do however take umbrage when an outlet takes the position of unbiased gatekeeper when they clearly have a political axe to grind. I have no issues with Liberal or Conservative leaning media outlets when they are open about their political stance because you have a perspective in which to read the story. If however you claim to be unbiased as an executive editor of The New York Times Dean Baquet recently stated, then my expectation is your reporting is going to be reflective of a healthy distribution of stories along the entire spectrum of Bad to Good when covering the administration. Since it was the NYT that most recently defended itself as being unbiased I will use them as the example with a story that they should have run last Friday 24th if they were on the up and up.


Can you guess what occurred with the Dow last Thursday? I have to ask you to guess because it got next to no coverage by the mainstream media and the coverage it did get was buried pretty deeply. According to CNN Money the Dow hit record closing for 10 straight days in a row. This is a pretty rare event as it has not happened since 1987. It is also has pretty big implications for every American because the Dow being up 5% since the start of the year means that both institutional investors and workers who have money in their 401K are both seeing great returns on their investments. It also means that there is a ton of consumer confidence and optimism about the Trump administration’s efforts to kick start the economy. Now we combine the rarity of the event, the potential impact on the lives with everyday Americans and the fact that the NYT is sitting smack dab in the middle of the financial capital of the world and one would reasonably assume that this would be a story that would receive some coverage.

Well let’s examine the headlines for the NYT for the very next day. You can look for yourself here.

So these were the national headlines. It is possible that some might consider paying for sex in Sweden, a revival of Kava and the NBA trade deadline more important than a historic Dow rally, not me, but some may argue that. To be fair it is financial and business news so something of this magnitude would certainly be covered in their Business Day headlines right? Let’s look there.

Not one mention of the Dow rally there… I also checked the Thursday edition located here in case they had run a story the day before covering this topic, but nothing there either. So we have a stock market rally we have not seen in at least 20 years… check. Stock market up 5% since the beginning of the year meaning good news for American 401Ks… check. Newspaper located in the epicenter of the financial world… check. All indicators of rising consumer and business confidence… check. And still nothing out of the NYT. Obviously this would be important to not only New Yorkers, but the millions of Americans that read their paper every day. What possible reason would the NYT have for not running a story like this considering the Stock Exchange is just down the road? The short and likely answer is the story does not fit NYT’s narrative of how they want to present the Trump administration as a chaotic disaster. The majority of the staff and writers for the NYT appear to have have a vested interest in avoiding any story that would reflect positively on the Trump administration because it goes against their own political agendas.

While this is not your run of the mill fake news it does give the appearance of an attempt by the NYT to control the narrative and thus control the American perception of the Trump presidency. Not reporting stories can be every bit as powerful as the stories that are chosen to be run. When a media outlet like NYT runs nothing but negative pieces on the Trump administration then you are left with only two conclusions; that the Trump Administration is in complete disarray which is what the NYT wants you to think or that the NYT has a severe issue with bias against the administration which is the dirty secret that they are trying to hide. The NYT wants to present itself as an impartial gatekeeper and check against the power of the President, but how can the American people trust them as a news source when in the end the paper as a whole cannot even be honest with itself?

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