It seems that every other day Democrats are trying their very best to reenact the final scene from Thelma and Louis. Everything is a crisis, everything is the worst thing that they have ever heard and everything is beyond the pale. It doesn’t really matter if some of what President Trump is doing is exactly the same as President Obama or even when it is similar. While the same action would hardly register a blip on the hysteria radar coming out of the Obama administration, if it comes from the Trump administration it is the harbinger of a nefarious plot to destroy the world and thousands of placard brandishing basement dwellers are deployed to protest. I don’t know about you, but it must be exhausting to be a leftist today and expected to continuously muster up the outrage to get through the day.

It is time for a reality check Democrats. Republicans hold the majority of power now and sooner rather later they are going to figure this out and stop acting like the minority party. When this occurs you can either have a seat at the table and have a hand in the agenda of the government or you can continue to move forward manufacturing outrage on a daily basis over anything and everything. Working with Republicans and the President means you can score victories which mean something for all your constituents. Being the party of hysteria and opposition means you score victories with a very radical left base. One of these ways is a path back to some semblance of respect and participation and the other leads out to the wilderness. This weekend your party will be choosing its path forward and at this point it appears your path is locked into traveling to the wilderness with Keith Ellison as the front runner.

I am not going to go into the accounts detailing his associations with The Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan those are readily available with a Google search. Nor am I going to spend time on the Anti-Semitic remarks that Congressman Ellison has said in the past, you can Google those as well. I won’t even tell you that he once essentially compared President Bush to Hitler back in 2007. (Sound familiar but Google can find it as well.) Let’s focus on what he said most recently at the DNC chair debate that President Trump should be impeached. Now of course after a month into his Presidency there is no evidence that he should be impeached, but here is another Democrat about to enter a leadership role that is calling for the impeachment of a sitting President with the expectation that they can find the evidence during the actual process of impeachment.

This by itself should be extremely worrying to every American. The thought that we no longer have the assumption of innocence and that there are leadership elements in the Democratic Party that are willing to use their offices to call for the impeachment of a President without offering any supporting evidence. If we allow lawmakers to continuously make these kinds of character attacks against a President what is to say these same type of slanders cannot be leveled against American citizens that stand without the protections of the executive office when they decide that they do not like your politics? I am not saying you have to agree with President Trump on any issues or even like him as a person, but we as Americans need to hold the line and ensure that he is treated fairly as he is still entitled to due process. You want to open investigations then show just cause and not naked partisan politics where you are trying to score points with a devolving base that revels in hatred of all things Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads. The value of the DNC chair cannot be understated because this position while it does not carry any weight in making policies or laws of the land it is in charge of how the Democratic Party structures its messaging and recruits new party members. Keith Ellison is not a moderate or a centrist by any stretch of the imagination. His message will not be one of American Unity, but rather one of transformation of America into a Leftist utopia. As I have said many times, Americans tend to run to the center. The old adage that you ran the primary for the base and pivoted for the center for election still holds true in America. Yes Democrats are at a crossroads; one leads back closer to mainstream America and a place at which Democrats regain some relevance, the other ends in long fall off a cliff shortly after the election of Keith Ellison.

Posted by redstateronin

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