Someone apparently opened the box that previously held Michael Moore and he has once again climbed from the slime. With the help of left leaning media he has been propped up with some relevance again and of course is now touting a resistance to anything President Trump. In fact while he claims that they are the majority they are a very small faction of the country and they are trying to amplify their views and concerns to make it appear as if they represent what the majority of Americans want to see happen. The reality is America is still a pretty centrist nation and he and his legion of internet trolls that push for the far left polices are out of touch with the majority of the country. Using his plan as a template this is how you can counter their plan to ensure his resistance gets shut down even before it begins.

  1. The Weekly Call – Yes Michael Moore’s factional minority is going to be making daily calls. 202-225-3121. Make a weekly call or write a weekly email. Unlike Michael Moore I think you are adults and know what is important to you so I will not try to give you daily talking points to cover in your call/email just look at what is not working pick up the phone and let your voice be heard. When your politician does the right thing make sure you support them, after all you need to use some carrot and not just the stick.
  2. Show Up in your daily life. Go out and live your lives and be good people. Do not be afraid to show the world that you are a conservative. We have been demonized enough and it is time that people know who we are and we are good people.
  3. Keep your family and friends. Do not go out of your way to antagonize a family or friend because they are a snowflake. While you may disagree with them continue to treat them with dignity and respect.
  4. Join! Join! Join! Support your local conservative organizations. Be active if you have the time, but most importantly do not be ashamed of your political views.
  5. Support those businesses that choose to terminate employees over their refusal to show up to work and go support a protest. I fully support everyone’s choice to protest, but businesses have responsibilities and if you as an employee choose to not to show up to work then the employer has every right to fire you. You want to protest that is fine you do it on your own time and do not try to politicalize someone’s business to further your own political agenda.
  6. Continue to support those politicians that are doing the right thing. We have seen a wave of Republicans take office across the country over the last eight years while the Democrats are moving more to the left. We need to ensure we hold Republicans accountable and when they fail we need to support candidates that will uphold our values in the face of the left leaning media.
  7. Support the growing areas of Red Resistance in Blue States. Continue to point out how poorly those Blue areas are actually running. Get the facts and spread them liberally. Talk about the impending California financial crisis and the rising violence in Chicago and other Democrat cities. These places have been run into the ground by Democrats and every time someone talks about Democratic policies they need to be made the topic of that conversation as these are the results of those policies. Often times there are many who would support Conservative policies in those areas, but believe there are too many Democrats so they simply give up. Now is the time to support those little fires of freedom and hope they burn bright enough to reverse the damage that Democrat policies have caused in those areas.
  8. Don’t run for office unless you are ready to stand for what you believe. We do not need more politicians that will cave to media pressure because it is unpleasant to be a conservative in the spotlight. If you are willing then run and be vocal for our beliefs, and if not support those that will. We do not need more McCains and Grahams who are simply looking for headlines to fuel their egos.
  9. You must hold the media accountable. When they falsely report the news let them know that you do not appreciate their dishonestly. When they are getting it right visit their sites or purchase their circulation. I am not just saying that you only visit conservative outlets because that just leads to confirmation bias and we need to hold media outlets on both sides of the political spectrum accountable.
  10. Join the Army of Comedy. Every month create a MEME celebrating the ridiculousness that is Michael Moore. Show him that he is irrelevant and no one is listening. Join the resistance against the resistance. Or we can simply just distract him with toast for the next 8 years to give everyone some much needed peace and quiet.


Photo taken from Photobucket uploaded by McBuff

Posted by redstateronin

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