Tonight’s lesson; what’s at the end of the socialism rainbow. While the Democratic primaries were going I had someone try to convince me that there was a difference between Democratic Socialism and the Evil kind of Socialism. They actually did use the word Evil and yes they were feeling the Bern. Despite all their ridiculous arguments like “Don’t you care about children and old people” to “Those people didn’t really earn that money” they were right in that there was one very important difference, with Democratic Socialism I would get to vote for the person that was going to take all my money and give it to someone else… so there is that.

Here is the truth kiddos… Socialism will always end up failing because government only excels in one enterprise, making war. In every other endeavor they are mediocre at best. While this is only my opinion, I believe that this duality where governments are great at war, but generally suck at everything else is due to an issue of motivation. See in War the individual troops on the ground and the country as a whole is generally very motivated. Being shot and having your way of life stripped from you tends to be a very good motivator. On the other hand government can freely embrace mediocrity everywhere else because most bureaucrats have incredible job security and there is absolutely zero incentive to perform any service or job within the government more efficiently or for lower costs. In fact doing so ultimately means that the number of people you manage and your annual budget both go down next year. When one of the proven ways to climb through the government ranks is to control more money and people, government employees will look for ways to remain inefficient to ensure the size of their sandbox never shrinks.

So why talk about Socialism now, after all Hillary Clinton solved our Bernie Sanders issue by colluding with the DNC to ensure he would not win the primary? Because in four years they are either going to be thawing Senator Sanders out of his Cryo-Freeze or finding another self-styled Democratic Socialist to run for President. Let’s face it the thought of taking someone else’s money and not having to work for it is unfortunately very appealing to far too many Americans. Look at these protesters we see essentially on a daily basis. The news does not focus on it, but there are a disturbing number of “Socialism is Just Dandy” style signs in those crowds. Every one of those people waving their little cardboard justice dispenser would not hesitate one minute to allow the government to confiscate your home or bank account if they thought they would be cut in on the action.

Don’t think Socialist Governments confiscate wealth? They have in every single case. In order to stay in power the government has to keep promising more and more and as Margaret Thatcher said “…Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.” As the government takes a larger share of the pie and nationalizes an increasing portion of private industry, the once vibrant economy grinds to a halt as everything in society begins resemble government run Department of Motor Vehicles. If you want to live in a society where every aspect of your life is like interacting with the VA, DMV or your local assessment office there are plenty in the world where you can immigrate to, I just ask that you stop trying to import it here.

While the Social Justice Warriors are waiving their signs declaring their love for other people’s stuff Socialism we literally have one of the best case studies in how Socialism ends badly going on in the world. (Although we do not hear a peep out of the mainstream media about this utopia.) We only need to look to Venezuela to see what our future would look like if we let Bernie Sanders helm the ship. Fox News reports that “Venezuelans lost 19lbs. on average over past year due to lack of food.” This is a very polite way of saying that the people of Venezuela are starving because socialism took one of South Americas potentially great economies and turned it into a sh@t show. The government has taken over most of the industry and mismanaged it so badly that there are reports of kids missing school because they have to help their families out by standing in lines for food. In the end believing that you have some sort of moral right to help yourself to the fruits of someone else’s labor always ends with everyone having nothing, except for the political elites who never suffer the same as everyone until the uprising. I do not need to wait in a breadline to know that any kind of socialism is evil because I can look at history and the world for this lesson.

If perchance you need to see the difference between Capitalism and Socialism, I give you the Cruz Vs. Sanders debate.

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