Precious snowflakes had a hard time this week. President Trump hasn’t been impeached, there was nothing really to protest so they couldn’t break anything and every time they turned around they just seemed to get Trolled. They did not have to cross a bridges because it seemed as if it was everywhere this week. It is almost as if the rest of America has finally had its fill of the sanctimonious leftist killjoys and decided that it was time to have some fun at their expense.

Joy Villa Trolls the Grammys – Let me set this up because I honestly could not even create this on my own if I tried. The tolerant Left have been sending death threats to a Biracial Woman and a Gay Filipino Immigrant. I will pause while I let your synapse process this tidbit. Yes when Joy Villa unveiled her “Make America Great Again – Pro Trump” dress, the entirety of the Left’s usual attack against Trump supporters fell apart. Despite the social media pillaring by the Left, Joy Villa’s album rocketed to #1 overnight.

Sarah Silverman Trolls Herself – In what can only be categorized as too stupid to be believed Sarah Silverman mistakes utility marks on the sidewalk as attempts by white supremacists to create swastikas. She pontificates on whether they are simply too stupid to use Google, but of course misses the irony of that statement.

Don Quixote Pelosi Gets Trolled by Fake News – Nancy Pelosi makes me wonder if I should simply rename this column from the “Week in Review” to “I Cannot Believe How Stupid Liberals are Acting the Adventures of Don Quixote Pelosi” as she seems to make every week’s list, and never in a good way. Tilting at the windmills of fake news, Pelosi not only bought into a story about General Flynn coming out and saying he was the Trump Administration scapegoat, she had a national press conference on the subject where she offered up the definition of a scapegoat. Hopefully her trip onto the internet to look up the definition for scapegoat was not in vain, because she is sorely in need of a one.

Leftist Protester Does Not Get Trolled, But I Wish Someone Would – Tucker Carlson was a bit off his normally great game with this guest. Maybe he was stunned by the sheer amount of hypocrisy and stupidity being vomited out by this women or maybe he like me was deep in thought wondering about the skinny jeans wearing beta male that was going to be forced to listen to this woman day after day after day after day… for the rest of his miserable life. Whoever that man in the future is I salute you as a hero; God Bless and Good Luck, your nation is honored by your service.

Juanita Broaddrick “Back to the Future” Trolls Chelsea Clinton – In an epic troll 39 years in the making Chelsea Clinton took to twitter asking for additional adjectives for horrifying, sick and awful. In a mic drop life moment Juanita Broaddrick gave her a response that I am sure Chelsea never expected when she rolled out of bed this morning; her dad Bill Clinton.

Senator McCain and Representative Waters Trolled by the Prime Minister of Ukraine (The fake one not the real one) – Yes a sitting Senator and Congresswoman were both pranked by two Russian hackers going by the names of “Vovan” and “Lexus” into believing that they were having a conversation with the Prime Minister of the Ukraine and having a serious discussion on policy and the Russian threat. At one point they related to Maxine Waters that the Russians had the hacking technology to change the President of the Ukraine’s TV to play a Russian news broadcast. She of course exclaimed that it had happened to her and I would imagine is at this very moment crafting legislation that would remove all TVs from the White House. I for one feel a little less safer in the future of our country.

Sherriff David Clarke Trolls Ex-FLOTUS – Anyone who says rugged Americanism is dead just show them the tweet from Sherriff David Clark. Here is a man who marches to the beat of his own drummer. Michelle Obama trolled American 8 years ago and he returned the favor.

Trump Trolls Everyone – Love it or hate it President Trump had an epic press conference in which he took his favorite whipping persons out to the wood shed, mainstream media. There was plenty of news, groan worthy statements and roughing up of the media for everyone. At one point it looked as if CNN and President Trump might reconcile as he said he would no longer refer to them as “Fake News”, but the romance was short lived as he declared 3 seconds later that he would instead call them “Very Fake News”.

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